Successful social media platforms and online dating services such as Match and eHarmony have been booming since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world at the end of last winter. Meanwhile, newer faces like Zoom and Loosid began popping up when young people couldn’t or wouldn’t leave their homes.

A recent online study suggests that all of these social media activities are not serving millennials looking for connections during the coronavirus crisis. The survey results come from Nixplay, a digital display technology company. These young people are ready to bend or break the rules of personal social connection.

A new report suggests that millennials miss gatherings and seek to overcome social distancing … [+] Regulate.


Nixplay surveyed 2,000 American adults to understand their mental and emotional states related to missed events and milestones during Covid-19 research, then compared opinions of millennials against other generations.

Compared to non-millennials, the millennials surveyed reported higher levels of loneliness than non-millennials (53% versus 42%). 40% said they had FOMO or feared missing out on upcoming milestones. This is a very sensitive point for millennials who created the term.

Both millennials and other generations report that they made time to spend with family and friends before the pandemic, but the former say they experienced it more at a rate of 66% to 59%. In fact, Millennials miss loved ones so much that 69% of them admitted resisting social distancing in order to get together with them.