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Slack, an office messaging app that is widely used from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, has stopped working since the first day of work in 2021, the company said on its website, adding that its team “On” is the case, “while many returning workers have difficulty communicating with one another.

The Slack messaging app was down on the first working day of 2021.


Key factors

Crowdsourced data on and complaints on social media platforms showed the app was unavailable on Monday morning when employees in the US returned to virtual and physical offices after the vacation.

Users reported numerous problems with the app, including the inability to connect to servers and messages that were not being sent properly.

The company later confirmed the outage on its website and Twitter feed, assuring users that it was working to resolve the issue and would update its dedicated status page with any developments.

It’s unclear if the deluge of workers returning for the new year was behind the outage and Slack couldn’t be reached for comment.

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Key background

Services like Slack, along with others like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Services, have become important infrastructure elements as more people work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Software giant Salesforce recently announced its intention to acquire Slack for $ 28 billion. The acquisition enables Salesforce to compete more closely with one of its largest competitors, Microsoft.

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“Customers may currently have problems loading channels or connecting to Slack,” the company wrote on Monday morning at 10:14 am. “Our team is investigating and we will provide more information as soon as we have it. We apologize for any disruptions. “

Big number

12 million. This is how many daily users Slack had in October 2019, the latest data the company released publicly.