30 percent of those surveyed said that they would not vote because none of the candidates would vote … [+] their beliefs or values.


Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt TV has restarted its Vote or Die campaign to encourage young generations to exercise their voting rights.

To better understand the views of young people on politics, Revolt, in collaboration with First & First Consulting, surveyed 1,000 Gen-Zers and Millennials as part of its study “Views from the Young”.

Conclusion: Young voters lack confidence in both candidates and their ability to deliver results. One in four chooses not to cast a vote. For several reasons, the reasons are beyond their control: 9% of Gen-Z respondents say they will not vote because they cannot legally vote and 14% say the voting barrier is too high. These barriers include the lack of reliable or safe means of transport in rural and urban areas, the inability to get away from work, and homelessness. Others say a lack of education and unclear laws about voter IDs and postal and postal voting are reasons they feel uncomfortable or unable to vote.

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28 percent of those surveyed choose not to vote.

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The main reason young voters don’t plan to cast their ballots? Most claim that “none of the candidates represent my beliefs or values”.

“This is a very important choice,” says Detavio Samuels, COO of Revolt TV. “Whoever we put in office will literally make life or death decisions for this generation. This is an urgent matter and [young voters] need to make sure the world hears [their] Voice.”

“Vote or Die has a completely different meaning in 2020, but there couldn’t have been a better time for a revival than now,” said Lynzie Riebling, Head of Insight at Revolt TV and head of the study “Views from the Youth”. “There was this big division between young people and this election season, on top of everything else that’s going on.”

Revolt TV aims to bridge this divide by finding out what politics are about young people. In addition to the online survey, Revolt TV analyzed Twitter posts from 200,000 users ages 18-34 and curated first-person video diaries from Revolt Nation’s mobile community.


What are genzers and millennials most interested in ahead of the elections? Issues such as reducing the cost of … [+] live and strengthen the black community.

Courtesy of Revolt

Research suggests that policymakers should justify conversations in areas gen-zerers and millennials are invested in, such as empowering the black community, lowering the cost of living and housing the homeless, improving financial literacy and mental health and the creation of a fair judicial system.

While social media has played a huge role in shaping political campaigns and conversations, is it attracting young generations in the right way? Revolt plans to use its presence on Instagram and Twitter to reach younger audiences with interactive clips and videos and give them the opportunity to use their own voices.

“These politicians care so much about the youth vote and always put pressure on them to vote, but they never take the time to understand their opinions,” says Riebling. “That was a big proponent of this study.”