Want a glimpse of how agencies can scale to the coveted million dollar mark? On this episode, Erin MacPherson, General Manager of Scalable Brand Studios, talks to Ralph and Amanda about what it’s like to be in a growing agency and tackle the inevitable challenges that come with growth. And don’t forget, you can still download the FREE Tactical Troubleshooting Checklist for FREE ($ 297 value) – link below!

Listen to learn:

  • What it’s like to hire as a remote agency
  • The importance of helping your co-workers when you say no
  • What to expect from firing a customer, and how to find out if you can afford to let them go

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Get the Tactical Troubleshooting Checklist FREE ($ 297 value!)
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The Tier 11 Agency Manifesto
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Erin MacPherson on LinkedIn

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