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Pinterest search trends often reflect our collective goals and culture, so they are an important indicator for marketers. In the past, Pinterest searches have highlighted the growing empowerment and independence of the modern woman, as well as the urge for a more culturally sensitive Halloween. This year, the pandemic has seen a surge in searches that will lead to a leisurely solo indoor Christmas party.

“We’re still looking for solo vacations (sigh),” said Amanda Switzer, Pinterest spokeswoman. “With the pandemic limiting the time we can spend with loved ones, searches on Pinterest for ‘Christmas Alone’ have almost doubled compared to the same time last year. This overwhelming surge shows that many are looking for ways to feel better on vacation. “

A depressing reality, but on the plus side, it means at least some people are taking the virus seriously. According to the Hopper’s Holiday Travel Confidence Report published in September, 21% of surveyed consumers said they do not plan to go on vacation this year, even though they would in a typical year. That said, 39% plan to travel, but with cases popping up across the country after Thanksgiving and the CDC urging Americans to stay home, people may be rethinking their vacation travel.

Example of a blog post found on Pinterest as a Christmas inspiration from the Christmasphere blog.

Example of a blog post found on Pinterest as a Christmas inspiration from the Christmasphere blog.

Pinterest, via Christmasphere

Hence the increase in Solo Christmas Inspo. According to Switzer, these are trends for Pinterest searches year after year:

  • Lonely Christmas + 62%
  • Solo Christmas + 71%
  • Christmas alone + 93%
  • Cozy Christmas + 4.5x

Being responsible and sacrificing holiday gatherings has not been easy for everyone. As a result, we’ve also noticed that Pinterest users are posting more posts on New Month Goal Setting and Mental Health Activities. Searches for “stay calm” quotes up 385%, for “anti-anxiety activities” up 81%, and for doubling ideas for self-care bullet journal.

“Pinterest insights have shown that pinners put emotional wellbeing at the fore as they adjust to changes in their lives due to the pandemic while reevaluating what matters,” said Swasti Sarna, Insights manager.

The way in which Pinterest supports its users during this time and uses the moment is definitely a bit of marketing inspiration that is worth a pin on your brand’s mood board. For example, Pinterest offers a variety of emotional wellbeing activities, such as exercises for gratitude and self-compassion, which you can do right on the app by searching for #pinterestwellbeing.

GIF of Pinterest's Emotional Wellbeing feature that allows users to search for #pinterestwellbeing and find exercises for things like gratitude or self-compassion.

GIF of Pinterest Emotional Wellbeing feature that users can search … [+] #pinterestwellbeing and find exercises for things like gratitude or self-compassion.


And last month, Pinterest launched The Emotion Scientist, a new weekly series of interviews with Dr. Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of Permission to Feel, which outlines strategies for dealing with our everyday emotions.

Brands can jump on this bandwagon with careful messages that both encourage single-person Christmas ideas and let customers know they’re being cared for: think Christmas tree scented candles with fun (and branded!) Labeling, solo travel care packages, and even giveaways for gingerbread houses social media! With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless. And for those who spend Christmas alone, make the vacation yours! Exercise gratitude and start the bullet journal. Buy yourself a present. Order in your favorite food. Make a bed of duvets on the floor and check out Die Hard and eat homemade cinnamon rolls.