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Google recently announced that the release of the Google Page Experience update has been delayed.

In mid-June they will release the update as well as some new tools to help you.

However, as you know, you don’t want to wait for Google to release the algorithm update and then fix the issues as you could potentially lose traffic if something is wrong.

But don’t worry, I have 3 steps to prepare you.

Step 1: Read This …

I’ve already blogged about the Page Experience update. Make sure to keep track of everything in this blog post.

Although they focus on mobile devices, you can rest assured that they will ensure that websites provide the best experience for searchers, whether they are using a mobile device, desktop, or even tablet.

So I would recommend you read my article on Page Experience again and follow the steps.

Step 2: fix these errors in the search console

If you haven’t, create a Google Search Console account.

Once you’ve created your account, it may take some time to fill out the details.

Once the data is filled in, you will see a report that looks something like this:

In the navigation on the left, I want you to click on “Core Web Vitals”.

It then provides an overview of all the URLs on your website that are having issues on both mobile and desktop devices.

I want you to click “Open Report” next to the mobile heading.

You want to fix all the bugs.

You should do the same for desktop errors and fix them as well.

If you don’t know what words like “LCP” or “CLS” mean, don’t worry. You can get an explanation from Google yourself so that you can fix it.

Step 3: don’t forget to do a site review

In the article I linked to in Step 1, I mentioned doing a site audit. However, if you haven’t read it in full, enter your URL here.

Once you’ve entered your URL and clicked Analyze Website, it may take a few minutes to load. Once it does, you’ll see an overview of your website that looks like this:

You want to go through your “Critical Errors”, which are at the top of the report, as well as your “Top SEO Problems,” which are at the bottom of your report.

Make sure you try to fix every one of them. SEO has changed over the years as it became a game where everything really adds up.


Don’t wait for Google to release the update to see what happens to your website.

Unlike most updates, Google gives you the opportunity to fix your issues before the algorithm is rolled out.

Do yourself a favor and fix it.

That way, you no longer have to worry about your traffic going down.

Are you ready for the update?

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