About the guest

Vivek Kapoor is a business tycoon and co-founder of Dineout, India’s leading food technology company. Vivek Kapoor began his career in the Merchant Navy starting a food tech company and led a remarkable journey in his professional career. With the experience of effectively driving comprehensive global campaigns and establishing branding guidelines, optimizing growth strategies that assessed the needs of restaurants in overseas markets, and optimizing marketing plans and offerings based on each country’s economy.

A one-stop solution for Indian guests and a technology-driven solution for restaurants

Dineout is India’s largest platform for technical solutions for restaurants and restaurants in the B2C and B2B sector with more than 40 million guests and a network of 50,000 restaurants in 20 cities. Dineout features include restaurant discovery, table reservations, pre-ordered meals, the widest range of offers, and cashback earnings from payments. Dineout was founded by a group of friends in 2012 and was acquired by the Times Group in 2014. Dineout offers unmatched savings and a seamless, contactless dining experience for diners, helping restaurants be profitable. Dineout acquired the technology company Inresto in 2015.

A challenging start

Behind every successful business there is a lot of hard work, effort and struggles that are invisible. Dineout was co-founded by a group of companions on a mission to Introducing one of the best restaurant tech products in the world. After a long day at work we look for refreshment, but if we don’t get a reservation / seat in the restaurant of our choice, the day gets darker. To solve this problem, 4 companions came up with the idea of ​​developing the technology-driven solution for this problem.

The conversation started with Vivek and explained how the idea of ​​Dineout came about. He shares that his journey was like a roller coaster ride in the beginning. Vivek is disciplined about time and labor while working in the Merchant Navy and explains the challenges he faced while working in the countryside. He and his colleagues began from scratch to reach out to managers individually to tell them about Dineout. There were also times when the meetings were with the restaurant’s waiters and waiters rather than the owners. He describes the beginnings of Dineout and how he and his team have adapted in difficult times and stuck to their goal.

Action-packed Covid times

The COVID pandemic has hit the service industry hard, especially the restaurant sector. In order to keep the product relevant to changing market situations, it is very important to develop innovations and to update the product for this time. Vivek explains how Dineout has continuously innovated since its inception. He explains how he and his team used the time during the pandemic lockdown by innovating the product and adding relevant features to the product. He sheds light on the views and perspectives of the restaurant, the customer and the B2B in relation to the product. The company’s success speaks for more than 10,000 restaurants using their digital menu and over 5000 of them using their digital billing systems. The company’s goal is to have a technical product for every type of restaurant that always suits their needs.

The competition

As already mentioned by Vivek, the company is eager to give restaurants their web presence because they have to constantly innovate and develop products that are relevant to the changing market situations. With the pandemic everywhere, the main hurdle is takeaways as they are part of the overall product offering. The company makes the website and products available to them so that they can market their own channels instead of relying on aggregators. Also, help them develop their own revenue channels. The ability to connect directly with their customers is the key to growth.

When the conversation ended, Vivek shared his future plans for the company and the direction in which it is headed. He sees the company in the direction of AWS or Shopify for a restaurant and as a technology partner for all restaurants that eat or dine out there.

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