Get to the heart of your skills through an inspiring discussion with Narayanan S, Co-Founder and CBO at Unschool.

“We teach children without holding them to limits” -Narayanan S.

Narayanan S is the co-founder and chief business officer of Unschool, an e-mentorship platform. An experienced professional with work experience in various well-known brands such as Nearbuy etc. He started working at Mcdonald’s when he was 18 years old. He also volunteered at AIESEC for 6 years. He is a dynamic leader and a lover of aviation and education.

Unschool: learning without limits

Unschool is an e-mentorship platform that enables students, graduates, young professionals, and entrepreneurs to create an online learning ecosystem that suits their needs and industry requirements. Accordingly, Unschool is a marketplace where trained individuals or experts can coach younger, inspired minds in their own areas. It helps optimize alternative learning and teaching methods by bringing together career advice, learning at your own pace, personalized mentoring and individualistic online courses from industry experts. It was founded in 2019 and ranked 3rd in LinkedIn’s Top 2020 Startups.

Summary of the podcast

The conversation started with a brief introduction to Unschool and how it helps enthusiastic learners to achieve their dream internships at their partner companies. Narayanan also shared his views on unemployment and the setbacks he faced during his school years. He highlighted Unschool’s journey aimed at eliminating the setbacks in the Indian education system. The company’s goal is to get students out of bounds by helping them identify their skills from the very beginning of their careers. It helps the students through Providing relevant industry experience to people over the age of 17 and under 24.

Narayanan talked about how different industries from different domains are helping the company deliver the best for the students. It is agnostic about sector selection and attracts experts from different fields such as data scientists, AI engineers, digital marketers, sales professionals, etc. It is reinventing the way of learning in school. He also described the differences in content compared to other educational institutions. The curriculum at the Unschool is very evolving and the content is updated quarterly. It includes live sessions, reviews, PDFs, recorded videos, quizzes, discussions, live industry projects, podcasts, and written assignments. The idea behind this is to go forward and be futuristic as anyone can learn.

When the conversation ended, Narayanan looked at the company’s operations catalyzed by the pandemic. The company hasn’t invested a single penny in advertising, marketing, or content, but has seen massive growth through social networks, sales channels, referrals, and organic methods.

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