Equip yourself with AI by having an engaging conversation with Dr. Kavitha Chetana Didugu, Data Scientist at HCL.

“Don’t let how much you have to learn stop you, let yourself be motivated by how exciting the journey will be” – Dr. Kavitha Chetana Didugu

Dr. Kavitha Chetana Didugu is an AI expert and currently works as a senior at HCL Data scientist. She has expertise in revenue management (airlines and air freight), supply chain management, B2B software product management, and digital marketing (marketing analytics). An experienced data scientist and product manager who leverages the synergies between the two areas.

A short view.

At the beginning of the conversation, Kavitha shared her experience as an industry expert in the field of artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI. In her opinion, all it takes to become a data scientist is to become comfortable with cracking numbers and have a good understanding of Theoretical Math with a mix of basic data analytics skills. She believes this is not a difficult area with the enthusiasm for the journey that anyone in the area can do.

As the conversation progressed, Kavitha shared some of her personal thoughts on the amazing advances in the field of AI and machine learning. Kavitha shares that in a world of machinery the most fascinating and yet to be mastered achievement is understanding the language itself and trying to penetrate deeper into the language, because understanding translates not only words but also ideas. The evolution of AI has changed the world and lives all over the world. Even in the most difficult and uncertain of times, AI has found ways to help people stay on track. One of the foundations of AI is forecasting, which is constantly evolving as more commands and programs are added to make more stable forecasts.

“Tools should be a means to an end and not an end in themselves”

By delving deeper into the conversation, we can find more thoughts about conversational AI and its relevance in the modern and contemporary world. It’s safe to say that improvements are constantly being made, but AI cannot completely replace human interactions. As Kavitha said, there are times when AI has not proven to be that useful. The AI ​​can only travel a certain distance. Then human efforts come in and save the day. However, AI adds weight and requires some computation and processing time, which may not make the experience that great.

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“Before you focus on your solution, you should know exactly what your problem is.”

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