ATTN: Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rev. Al Sharpton, the University of Southern California, USC Race and Equity Center, USC Safe Communities Institute, and USC Schwarzenegger Institute have partnered to create Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America, a live summit presented by Twitch Friday through Sunday (October 16-18),

The goal of Unfinished Business is to have dynamic conversations about business, education, environmental justice, healthcare, police, race and voting rights, with a special focus on the next generation of America. The livestream panels include academic experts, celebrities, executives, political leaders, officials and thinkers from a variety of industries.

ATTN: produces the event for Twitch.

The programming is broadcast live daily from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PT) / 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (ET). A full schedule is available here. The highlights include:

Friday October 16

  • Panels: Race & Public Safety, Race & Sports and Race & Housing with Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Nate Boyer, RaShall Brackney (Charlottesville, Virginia police chief, Bisa French (Richmond, California police chief), Reshanda Gray, Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, Brandon Marshall, and Erroll Southers.
  • Interview No. 1: Schwarzenegger and former Attorney General Eric Holder.
  • Interview No. 2: Schwarzenegger and Minister for Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.
  • Interview No. 3: Soledad O’Brien and Usher.
  • Interview No. 4: Steve Stoute and Nas.
  • Remarks: Alexis Ohanian.

Saturday 17th October

  • Panels: Race & Voting Rights, Race & Nerd Culture, Race & Hollywood and Race & Gaming with Tanya DePass (also known as CypherofTyr), Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), Valerie Jarrett, Michael Klarman, Jay-Ann Lopez, Andre Meadows and Ify Nwadiwe (aka Ifdeez), Anthony Otero, Rishi Rajani, Romola Ratnam, Rashad Redic, Camille Gear Rich, Tricia Rose, and Baratunde Thurston.

Sunday October 18th

  • Panels: Race & Education and Millennial + GenZ Forum with Miles Brown, Shaun Harper, MURS, former Minister of Education Rod Paige, Maya Penn, Storymodebae and Lexi Underwood.
  • Interview No. 1: Schwarzenegger and Sharpton.
  • Interview No. 2: Art Acevedo, Schwarzenegger and Houston Police Chief.

Michael Aragon, senior vice president of content at Twitch, said in a statement, “Twitch has always been a place where our community gathered and openly interacted. We are honored to work with this incredible group of activists to have this conversation. We bring people from all over the world and from different cultures together, and on Twitch everyone has the opportunity to share different perspectives, learn from one another and discuss some of the most important issues we face today. “

ATTN: vp of production Taye Shuayb added: “ATTN: is always looking for unique ways to engage our audiences in the important and sometimes difficult conversations on the issues at stake in our country. This is exactly the kind of open dialogue we need to have about the race, and I am proud that ATTN: is partnering to create it in a forum accessible to young people. “

Schwarzenegger said, “We have seen millions of our fellow citizens take to the streets to demand equality and it is our duty as Americans to listen to them. Our summit will put the spotlight on the leaders across the country fighting for reform because we’ve heard enough dialogue and now it’s time to act. I don’t believe in summits where we all talk just to hear ourselves talk. I want our summit to focus on concrete actions that we can take now to usher in a new era of civil rights. As someone who owes everything to this country, I can’t stand that a black child born in Minneapolis doesn’t have the same chance as a white bodybuilder born in Thal, Austria. It is time for change to end the job our founding fathers started. “

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