Reddit made detailed updates to its platform that were rolled out between December 16th and Monday (January 4th).

With a sad nod at the end of the holiday season, Redditors will see their vacation prices transform back to their traditional no-vacation form during this week.

Reddit expanded its practice of occasionally giving free coins to Android and iOS users to people on the Internet, writing in a blog post on Tuesday, “We’re slowly rolling out coin-free rewards on the web. So keep an eye on the coin shop for a notification. If you see one, it could be your giveaway. “

On the subject of notifications, Reddit is conducting detailed testing to help Redditor avoid notification fatigue.

Reddit is experimenting with inbox-only notifications that are sent to Redditors ‘inboxes but not their phones, as well as silent notifications that are sent to users’ phones but won’t play sounds or interrupt windows or applications that are open are.