Parler says it’s “unbiased social media”.

John Koetsier

The alternative social network Parler took first place in the US App Store for iPhones and second place on Google Play, according to Apptopia, a mobile analytics company.

According to Apptopia VP Adam Blacker, Parler app downloads have doubled in the past week and have been installed over 312,000 times during that time.

The surge in interest correlates with the election results in the US, where major media organizations have forecast a democratic victory, and with increasing distrust of traditional social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, which limit the reach and influence of President Donald Trump as well as blocking allegations of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden and President-elect Joe Biden in an unproven story from the NY Post.

The growth of the Parler app has been installed in the past three months.

The growth of the Parler app has been installed in the past three months.


Parler, on the other hand, promises to be a free expression social network that doesn’t censor opinions.

“While the first change does not apply to private companies like Parler, our mission is to create a social platform in line with the first change to the United States Constitution,” the social network’s community guidelines read. “We prefer to let each individual decide what is seen and who is heard. In no event will Parler decide which content will be removed, filtered, or whose account will be removed based on the opinion expressed in the content in question. “

Parler promises not to curate your news feed, but will remove accounts for criminal activity.

While there has been talk of a conservative exodus from Facebook and Twitter for some time, Parler still has a long way to go.

The site is not known for its ease of use and currently seems to be suffering from the loading of new visitors. I made three attempts to create an account on the website and each one failed because the website refused passwords or did not send an SMS authentication code, or failed to provide a place to enter an authentication code that it ultimately sent.

At one point I was successful on the phone, and if the home screen is a clue, the site will indeed be a GOP thought haven, with Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Devin Nunes, and other Republican politicians or supporters on the list. That may essentially turn Parler into an echo chamber, but time will tell.

People Parler suggests that you follow the first time you install the app.

People Parler suggests that you follow the first time you install the app.

John Koetsier

Just because you can say anything you want on Parler doesn’t mean you should, as former Marshall, Arkansas Police Chief Lang Holland found out. After calling the Democrats “traitors” and advocating knocking them off the sidewalks and “giving them no peace”, he resigned from his position on Sunday.

It’s important to note that a few hundred thousand downloads is a drop in the ocean compared to the billions of Facebook users. And frankly, while there are often claims that a social network will replace Facebook, they generally gush.

Of course at some point you will be right because nothing lasts forever.