The cross-platform game engine Unity has partnered with Snap Inc. to provide Snapchat advertisers with access to Unity’s ad inventory and to provide game developers with Snapchat technology through Snap Kit.

According to Unity, 53% of the 1,000 most successful mobile games are powered. Its platform enables developers to create games on over 20 platforms including game consoles, cell phones, and augmented reality / virtual reality devices.

The Unity Ads platform is now part of the Snap Audience Network and allows advertisers on that network to access the inventory of Unity Mobile Gaming titles.

As of June 30th, Unity Ads reported more than 22.9 billion monthly global ad impressions and over 2 billion monthly active end users reached worldwide.

According to Unity, installation conversion rates are up 23% year over year in 2020 and mobile gamers are installing 84% more apps.

On the developer side, select features from the Snap Kit are now available through the Unity Asset Store, including the Login Kit, which allows players to use their Snapchat accounts to log in and log in to games, and the Creative Kit, which allows the user the gameplay can share and add branded stickers for still images or 15 second videos and for attaching AR lenses.

These releases also contain referral links back to the games, which improves discovery and user acquisition for developers on the Unity platform.

A Bitmoji integration will be added in early 2021, which will allow developers to personalize their titles using 3D Bitmoji and allow players to incorporate their Bitmoji avatars into games.

According to Unity, the Snap Kit features and the upcoming Bitmoji software development kit will be offered through the Verified Solutions Partner program, which ensures that developers can easily integrate elements such as cloud services, editor apps, plugins and third party SDKs.

Ben Schwerin, vice president of partnerships at Snap, said in a statement, “Snapchat is about keeping in touch with your closest friends, but friendships are not just about conversation. They are often based on shared experiences, which today also includes playing. As gaming has increasingly become a visible part of the Snapchatter journey, we want to make it easier for retailers and brands to access Unity’s action-driven gaming community through their Snapchat campaigns. There are games for all kinds of unique social situations and social groups. The integration of Snap Kit and Bitmoji into Unity opens up many new ways for game developers to reach audiences by making it easier for them to share their experiences while increasing the visibility of their games. “

Julie Shumaker added, “We build on our commitment to empowering developers to succeed at all stages of the game lifecycle, from creation. Snap brings its large community of advertisers into the Unity ecosystem, where they reach a highly engaged and valuable gamer audience, while the verified elements of Snap used in Unity-created games allow gamers to share social networks and promote game discovery. “