New York is now the 15th state to have adult marijuana available.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that he had signed a law legalizing adult marijuana while clearing the criminal records of people previously convicted of crimes related to the drug. Governor Cuomo signed the bills just 12 hours after New York law passed it.

New York is now the 15th state to have adult marijuana available.

Cuomo shared the news on Twitter on Wednesday morning. @NYGovCuomo wrote: “#BREAKING: I just signed a law legalizing adult cannabis. The bill creates an automatic deletion [sic] from previous marijuana beliefs that would now be legal. This is a historic day. I thank the Chairman and Speaker and the tireless advocacy of so many. “

Even as Governor Cuomo continues to be in the spotlight on sexual harassment allegations against him, there has been a lot of support on social media. His post had been retweeted more than 4,400 times and liked more than 20,000 times by early Wednesday afternoon.

Before the Democratic governor signed the bill, there was already a loud response – not just from those in the Empire State.

“Good. Marijuana should be legal nationwide. All marijuana convictions must be overturned. It is absurd and idiotic that the federal government should consider marijuana to be as dangerous as heroin,” wrote independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders).

New York State Senator Mike Gianaris (@SenGianaris), a Democrat representing the 12th Senate District, was among the lawmakers who supported the legislation. He wrote, “BREAKING: We legalized recreational marijuana in New York! The new law will include social justice programs and provide revenue to the communities hardest hit by the ineffective war on drugs.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James (@NewYorkStateAG) also praised the passage of the law: “Legalizing marijuana is a racial and criminal justice imperative. Last night’s announcement is a crucial step towards a more just and equitable system in New York I look forward to it officially becoming law. “

The AJ + (@ajplus) digital storytelling project was among the media outlets that openly praised the new law and state-level legalization of marijuana in New York. “BREAKING: The governor of New York has signed a bill to legalize marijuana possession and overturn previous convictions. Black people are 2.6 times more likely to be arrested for possession in New York, despite being used similarly to whites. Im In 2020, 94% of the arrests in New York were people with color. “

As expected, some memes were released on Wednesday.

Not all responses on social media supported the passage of the law. Many users asked what enforcement would be including the operation of vehicles.

“So … what is [sic] Will Law Enforcement Do Against People Who Drive While High? How will employers deal with this? Will unemployment pay someone who jumps for positive THC tests? Will a blood test be mandatory to determine how much THC is in a person’s system? “Were asked questions by @KimuraJinketsu.

“What about all the lung cancer commercials we’ve had to watch for years? Now smoking is okay? I don’t think so,” wrote @ Loubird83.

“I think between the decriminalization of drugs and the rise of casinos and legal gambling … New York will soon be peaking as a new Atlantic city. Be careful what we wish for. The apocalypse is looming,” @ HerbSpeaks warned.

There have been those who posted that the passage of the law to New York could be the next step at the federal level.

US Senator Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) (@SenSchumer) wrote on Twitter, “The marijuana law to legalize and regulate marijuana is now a legal requirement in New York. And I will continue to work in the Senate to get the federal ban on End marijuana and undo the harm of the war on drugs. “

A response to Schumer’s tweet came from @ golfer1276, who looked beyond the legality or social change and revenue that passing the bill could mean for New York. “Hey marijuana user … let it know that bill was never about not sending you to jail or getting you out of jail. It was about making money off of you. This is a game that politicians play so well. They act like that. You really care, but they just want your money. “

It is clear that the legalization of marijuana and the tax revenue it could potentially generate will remain a major topic discussed on social media. There currently appears to be widespread support among social media users, but whether this would be the case at the federal level remains to be seen.