Few words are debated today like “socialism”. For some, it’s the road to ruin … [+] others a system that is really the great compensation.


Few words are debated today like “socialism”. For some it is the road to ruin, for others a system that really is the great balance. #Socialism was hot on social media this week after former US Ambassador to the United Nations and 116th Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) posted on Twitter: “2020 was the year in socialism has become mainstream. The dangerous ideology, which has failed everywhere, has tried and ruined countless lives, is on its way to become the standard economic policy of the Democratic Party. This terrible trend threatens the future of every American. “

It didn’t take long for some of the more progressive users to respond on Twitter and share their own thoughts on what socialism is and what isn’t.

Former tennis player Martina Navratilova (@Martina) contended that even the extreme left of the current American mainstream political spectrum is not socialism: “Can you give a concrete example, please? Because somehow I know socialism and not.” to see something resembling the socialism of our Democratic Party … thank you! “

Kyle Griffin (@ kylegriffin1), an executive producer of MSNBC’s The Last Words, also suggested that Haley was wrong, writing, “None of this is true. It seems Nikki Haley is again more interested in scaring Americans, than telling it truth. “

Others, however, agreed with Haley’s warnings. Among them was attorney Albin Czarnik (@ AlbinC10) who replied, “I’m glad you see the dangers of socialism. The theory sounds good on paper, but it’s against human nature and never works. It comes to some Politicians benefit top and it brings tyranny to everyone else. “

The importance of socialism

Many who disagreed with Haley have suggested that elements of socialism are already working in America, while others have suggested that Haley and opponents of socialism don’t really know what socialism actually means.

Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald), a New York Times bestselling author, responded directly to Haley’s tweet: “Really? Name a policy and explain what it is” socialism. “After you’ve defined what the word means. Now can I say this was the year fascism went mainstream to undermine democracy. Delusions, a central strong man, hypernationalism, attacks on ‘socialists’ – HEY! You do that! “

National security correspondent and Washington Times writer Bill Gertz (@BillGertz) countered, writing, “Maybe it was pushed because it isn’t a fear tactic. It is true.”

Everyone according to their needs

Among those who grappled with Haley was actress Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette), who exclaimed to Haley, “Should I translate this? The American people are getting $ 2,000 during a pandemic while many are hungry or on the verge of homelessness, where much of the world lives given its citizens, much more is terrifying to you. “

Multimedia journalist David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt) was among those who were quite vocal and colorful on the subject: “It’s ridiculous as hell that @gop is spending trillions of dollars bailing out companies that make silly financial decisions and should get out of business but shout “socialism” and throw a tantrum over actual financial support from Americans during a plague #TuesdayThoughts “

Democratic socialist activist James Foster (@JamesEFoster) tried to argue that socialism is about helping people. “Socialism is about meeting people’s needs. Capitalism is about satisfying people’s greed. Socialism is about selflessness. Capitalism is about selfishness. Of course, those who are so good at capitalism would profit, label socialism as evil; it attacks their greed and selfishness. “

While Foster’s views may sound appealing – other users have taken action, it is only when people want to help others meet their needs and are actually selfless. @vanarcho_gascap replied, “Socialism is about the collective. Capitalism is about the individual. Socialism is about involuntarism. Capitalism is about voluntarism. Of course, those who benefit so well from socialism would consider capitalism to be.” label evil; it attacks their (lack of). skills and work ethic. “

Twitter user @divine_virtues also disagreed with Foster’s view: “If there is no consequence for bad work ethic and no reward for good work ethic, there is no motivation.”

@JustIsPatriot added, “Capitalism is the ability to own property, distinguish yourself by merit and work ethic, grow and be free.”

This recent social media debate highlights the divide again, but this case is not so much about politicians as political systems, and healing that divide could be far more difficult.

Socialism versus capitalism

Few words are debated today like “socialism”.