Justice creation is about how we interact with the world and the community around us. With that in mind, Sprout Social has launched an initiative that goes beyond our Internal Diversity, Justice and Inclusion (DEI) and ensures that we use our privileges and resources to support the communities in which we live.

Since Sprout Serves officially launched in Fall 2019, team members across the organization have come together to reach out to nonprofits, volunteer their time, and make an impact on the communities they live in.

How we made volunteering a priority

Just as workplaces provide time for voting or other civic duties, we felt it was appropriate to allow time for community engagement. Whether you are volunteering as a team in the middle of the workday or working alone with an organization you care about, Sprout understands that it’s our job to make it easy.

Once we understood that community engagement is an important part of the Sprout culture, we needed to consider resources. People want to get involved, but often don’t know where to start. With the support of our executives and DEI leadership teams, we formed a committee of Sprout team members who wanted to take on the task of implementing a structure and resource hub that would help every employee feel safe regardless of the world they live in .

By prioritizing open communication, we ensure that our team is constantly informed about the opportunities in which they can participate. Team members talk to each other, share their passionate concerns, and discover opportunities they learn about through the grapevine – all toward a unified goal of supporting under-represented causes and communities.

What we have achieved so far

At the beginning of 2020, we set ourselves the goal of reaching 10,000 volunteer hours in our organization – then the pandemic. We had to change our strategy and goals for this group so we could find new ways to influence our community in a virtual way. With new virtual plans, Sprout has so far volunteered around 3,500 hours.

Before the pandemic, our team came together for reasons ranging from domestic violence to food shortages to environmental goods and so much in between. In addition to donations, we have also joined virtual events and Our Dublin office ran the first day of serviceThere they organized and put together care packages for the homeless in Ireland.

As we continue to share volunteering through our internal communication channels, we also give back to our communities through our annual commitment Philanthropy Week. This week-long nonprofit is a chance for our team to come together and raise funds for causes and charities that are very important to us. Like the rest of our plans, we’ve rescheduled this year’s Philanthropy Week to be entirely virtual and focused on raising awareness of the ten charities we’ve worked with: Code for black girls, Chicago scholars, Howard Brown health, Re: work training, Belong, Access to living, LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, elasticity, Erie neighborhood house and Mary’s place.

I am happy to announce that through our Philanthropy Week 2020 we have exceeded the funds we raised last year 20% and raised overall $ 22,329– Including a $ 3,000 bonus donation from Sprout. In addition, Morgan Stanley, one of the leading banks when we went public, pledged an additional $ 20,000 to this initiative. In the area of ​​awareness, our company’s social contributions to these organizations had a potential total reach of more than 57,400 people.

Navigating volunteer efforts amid COVID-19 required a fulcrum of the personal service that we originally wanted to organize. Because of this, the Sprout Serves Committee became a resource to share a variety of opportunities for volunteers who have helped our community while supporting our team’s health needs. This included the ability to support troubled local businesses, feed frontline workers, create masks for donation, and participate in distance learning or mentoring.

In June 2020, our Black @ Sprout Business Resource Group, DEI Advisory Board and Volunteer Committee came together to lead a company-wide day of action following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Our team dedicated the day to learning, acting, and contributing to an allied movement and active anti-racism through protest, educational reading, outreach, and more. This work is ongoing and continuous –Our corporate day was just one important step in ours long-term commitment to DEI and serviceand there is always more to do.

2021 and beyond

Ten thousand hours may have been our goal at the beginning of 2020, but that goal doesn’t reflect the impact of our efforts this year. The structure we have established, the relationships with nonprofits we have built, and the values ​​we instill in our workforce will keep those efforts alive for over 10,000 hours.

In 2021 we will refine our mission statement and find creative ways to stay active in our communities so that we can keep giving back.