Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums launches new branding platform for SMM entrepreneurs from the ME

Mervik Haums’ new platform will help Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and startups with their branding and marketing.

PRN, a PR, marketing and branding platform led by entrepreneur Mervik Haums, will work with entrepreneurs and startups from the Middle East. PRN helps young companies optimize their professional brands, launch effective marketing campaigns, and share important announcements with potential customers and investors.

PRN provides Middle Eastern professionals with a reliable platform to easily bring their brands and messages to a wider online audience. This saves small teams valuable time and resources that they can use to improve their business. It will help meet a vital need that many new businesses face: developing a professional and consistent online presence to do business in this day and age. The platform even offers an affordable press release distribution service for those looking to get started cheaply.

The platform will help startups build solid brands early on and is critical to a brand’s long-term success. A clear, unique brand helps people identify and remember a company or person. PRN will help startups create memorable and cohesive corporate identity and messaging that will set them apart from their competitors while accurately reflecting their unique mission and core values.

Launching a new brand in public or other industries requires creativity and proper planning. The PRN team of experts helps startup clients identify their target audiences, prioritize goals, and work on a simple strategy to promote the company’s best products and services. Haums is a seasoned digital marketer and has helped brands build their online reputation management from the ground up using SEO strategies, backlinks, paid traffic strategies, and social media campaigns.

Maintaining a positive public image is critical to building trust in the marketplace and building meaningful professional relationships over time. PRN will provide startups with the tools they need to regularly apply and share exciting news about their successes in growth.

Haums is a 33 year old professional branding specialist and technology enthusiast based in Dubai. In 2018, he founded Startup Fortune, an internet news platform that monitors industry trends and provides entrepreneurs with training opportunities. He writes regularly about developments in the startup industry and offers tips for entrepreneurs who want to expand their brands on You can find out more and follow Startup Fortune on Instagram @startupfortune.