With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

Now we come to the much loved (or hated) Unova (or Isshu in Japan) region. This region is based on New York city in the United States. It is the first generation of Pokemon to not take place in Japan. It is across the world (Pokemon World) so all the Pokemon are new and different from the ones we have seen before. It was hard to pick only five for this list.

As much as I like this generation, I do not like how the changed the experience system. You see, the bigger difference in level between your Pokemon and the opposing Pokemon, the less experience you get. It made it hard to level up your Pokemon and you really had to grind. Doesn’t help that a lot of Pokemon have late game evolutions.  So yeah…. let’s begin.

#5: Zorua/Zoroark


A cool looking Pokemon that is an event Pokemon. It’s illusion ability allows it to look like a different Pokemon in your party. It is good for tricking your friends, and the AI, into thinking it is a different Pokemon. Additionally, the shiny is blue in all the red parts. It looks really, really cool. It was fun to have in the party, but was a pain to transfer the Pokemon I needed in order to trigger the event.

#4: Ferrothorn


A plant. A steal cactus. What else do I need to say? Really? It has high defense and its ability allows it to damage those that physically attack it. It was hard to find at first, but if you get the base, it is a worth while investment.

#3: Chandelure


First thing I should tell you, is that this Pokemon needs a stone to reach its final evolution. This is something I had to discover for myself, no one told me, so I am telling you. Without the Dusk Stone, it stays as the lamp.

So this a a cool looking ghost fire chandelier. It is fun to use. Burn your opponent, then hex them to do double the damage. I normally don’t use ghost types, but it is so adorable. I mean how can you not like it. Another fun thing about this Pokemon, it is a fighter in the Pokemon Tekken fighting game. Yes, a light fixture is in a fighting game. What are you doing with your life? That’s what I thought.

#2: Zekrom 


Yes, I am including a legendary on my list. I think it is the first time I have one on any list.  First of all, it looks cool. It is a black and blue Pokemon. Can you tell it is an electric dragon? It is the reason why I chose to play Pokemon White.

#1: Volcarona


A bug fire type Pokemon, that sounds like the “my Sharona” song. At some point you will associate the two. You get this Pokemon as an egg. it hatches into a larva. A freaking larva that doesn’t evolve until level 59. LEVEL 59!!! That is over half the Pokemon levels. It is a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off. It is my all time favorite Pokemon right now. it is so cute and adorable. I am looking for a plush of it.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 5 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet. Probably I will.