Joker (P5) in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Let me tell you I was over the moon last week when they announced Joker from the Persona 5 series was going to be the first DLC fighter for the new Super Smash Brothers game on the switch.

This is something I, and many countless fans, didn’t see coming. I wanted to make a post the moment I found out, but alas I got distracted.

You can see the English announcement trailer here.

Persona 5 is one of my favorite games, and my second favorite game of the series, after Persona 4. The fact that Persona Q2 is on the 3DS probably helps with the whole “characters that have been on a Nintendo console” thing that started with Smash 4 for new fighters. I am glad this inclusion will help Persona 5 grow and increase it’s audience. Who knows, maybe there will be a port to the Switch in the future, or maybe even an enhanced version.

Regardless, Joker is one of my favorite characters from the P5 game (Ryuji is number 1) and will probably become my new main. We will yes. Yes. We will see indeed. Ha ha!


P.S. enjoy this nice comic I found that someone made after this announcement.