Big T’s Top 5 Generation 2 (Johto) Pokemon

With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

#5: Tyranitar


Yes this guy. He should be higher on my list, and higher on your list. He is a mother fucking dinosaur. I love dinosaurs and I love Godzilla, and this Pokemon resembles him. Fun fact, he was cut from the first generation of Pokemon due to cartridge space. In generation 6 he gets a mega form that looks kinda cool. It is too bad you get him so late game in Silver/Gold so you can’t use him throughout the game. I would have loved to use him against Whitney and her god damn cow (Miltank!)

#4: Houndoom


The fire puppy. Yes. Don’t be surprised. You know I am self-appointed hardcore, dark, edgy, punk, etc. Its a dog, with fire power, but also has bone armor. This and its pre-evolution form are pretty cool looking. It is another late game Pokemon, which surprisingly you can only find in Kanto (Generation 1). In generation six, it gets a cool looking mega form.

I think the pattern is, looks first, everything else second. I play Pokemon using ones I think look cool, and worry about everything else later. Hell, when I use my team it is mainly sweepers. Then again I first played when I was in elementary (the same with Red and Blue).

#3: Donphan


The first time I saw this Pokemon was when my father took me out of school to see the first Pokemon movie. It is one of the few pleasant memories I have of him.

Why I like this one? I am not sure. Maybe it was because the hunky pirate used him in the movie. Maybe because it curls up and rolls around like a ball. Maybe because it looks kinda like an armored elephant. Looks cool. That is all that matters. I think I found it right outside after beating the eighth gym, so I couldn’t use much during the main story line.

Hunky Pirate and Donphan. 😉

#2: Espeon


A psychic kitty, who is purple. It’s shiny form is lime green and I love it. I unironically love it. It evolves with friendship during the day, so it means your Pokemon loves you to change. Wait. I am now thinking about friendship-based evolution and makes me questions everything I know as a psychologist.

Regardless, it is a nice elegant Pokemon to balance out all my rugged and more manly Pokemon….and it’s can be the color of Jello!

#1: Typhlosion


Yes, the final evolution of the fire starter. It looks cool, evolves early, and saved my butt countless times. It’s smokescreen helped me out in my battle with the cow bitch too. Excuse my language. I love how it looks so cute and docile, but when it is angry and gets defensive the fire comes out and it looks fierce. If Pokemon were real, other than my bro Porygon, I would probably try to get my hands on one of these.


What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 3 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet.