Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

I promise next year will be more exciting with updates and more content!


Jurassic World Exhibit!!!

So the most usual exhibit came to South Korea and is still currently going on. I mean I saw the advertisement for it on the subway and several bus stops, so apparently it seems to be a big deal. “What is it?” You may ask. Well, if you didn’t read the title, it is the Jurassic World Exhibit.

The exhibit was by the Gimpo airport, way out of the way, but it is probably one of the few spaces in Korea they can meet the energy and height requirement for the dinosaurs.

The gift shop was outside and had some nifty stuff. What they don’t tell you is that a lot of the merchandise comes from Universal Studios. You didn’t hear this from me.

The exhibit was split into a few parts, show casing dinosaurs, the DNA lab, among many other things. A lot of it was in Korean so Ali Just glossed over it.

The entrance was similar to that of the movie. There was some connection between the movies (both park and World Series) and also as an educational theme park.

There were many dinosaurs that were animatronic this bad boy was the first one you see as you walk in. It has scars from being attacked by other dinosaurs. The models were really detailed and quite realistic.

This bad boy was just a neck and a head but still took up a lot of space. It was one of the few dinosaurs where you could see the rope. Still, the feel of the zoo was apparent.

The T-Rex enclosure was one of my favorites. The noise and the lights added to the atmosphere. Hell, even the kids crying was a very nice touch. The kids were real and in my group.

Hammonds were the big bad of the movies. They had incubators, fossilized ambers of mosquitoes where they extracted the different DNA of the dinosaurs, and even an egg chamber. The eggs had QR codes that can tell you what dinosaur would hatch. They even had a create your own dinosaur. Mine is currently being emailed to me, so when it comes I will post it.

The T-Rex skull fossil was great to see as well. It was so big, it was bigger than most of the children in my group. I wanted to get a side by side comparison but no parent would allow it. My sisters better step up their baby making game.

Also there was a guy who allowed you to pet a baby Dino. He seemed so happy. Must have been the best job.

After the lab was the gyro sphere trail. If you remember from the first Jurassic world movie was the safari like tour, but the destroyed and endangered part.

Seriously. My photos doesn’t do this place justice at all. The ones I am posting are the cream of the crop.

There was also a raptor (my favorite Dino) enclosure. It was blue from the Jurassic World movies, but I couldn’t get a good photo or video. The adult male next to me kept pushing and shoving me out of the way so his kid could see. Plus the poor lighting killed that part of the experience.

Overall, I would have to save it was worth my money. It was a great experience to see dinosaurs and learn a little about them as well.

If I were to make a recommendation, go on a weekday to avoid the family crowd if you like photo ops.

Outside was a dinosaur theme cafe. It was really cute, and kind of pricy. I wish I ate there because everything looked so delicious. Maybe I’ll come back again before the exhibit leaves.


BTS World (The Mobile Game)

Let me preface this that I am not a BTS fan. I would have to say my feelings towards are more neutral and indifferent. I have heard a few of their songs and I can understand how people can become obsessive with them. I am still not an active listener.

BTS World is a fan game (that was just released last week and is already climbing to the top of the download charts). It is not just any fan game. One can clearly see that the seven members of the group spent a while doing photo shoots just for this game. Additionally, you would have filmed scenes with both the individual members and the group as a whole. There is a certain high level of production here I have never seen before in a game of this genre. Each character has countless photo cards, reaction shots, voices, and anything that requires unique pictures.

At its core, BTS World, is a gacha game. I love gacha games (even though I have terrible luck) which is why I downloaded it. You, the player, will collect star-based (ranks) cards of each members of the group and upgrade them to pass an ever-raising bar to make it to the next story mission. This “game” is not a game in the traditional sense. As for a gacha game, it is very generous too. The stamina quickly replenishes and they throw more wings (the energy for the game) at you than you know what to deal with. It is not a money sucker like most gacha games, but I can see hard-core fans dropping large amounts of money to collect all the cards.

The “plot” of the game plays like bad (in a good way), self-insert fanfiction. I love cheesy fanfiction. I used to write some, but that is neither here nor there. SPOILER ALERT: You are sent back in time to 2012 (yay time travel 🙂 my favorite thing) to act as BTS’s manager, trying to get the group together and make them famous. Their music is a gift to the world. So all scenes involve recruiting them, finding them houses, training them, etc. This game was clearly written for young, female fans. The boys constantly refer to you as a female (instead of gender neutral pronouns) and either treat you as a house mom or flirt with you. There is also something called “another story” which has a member go off on an individual story of what they would be doing if they were not in BTS.

One thing I also noticed. Each member has a specific charter quirk or trait that gets played up a lot. At times it seems like they are caricatures of themselves. Maybe this is how they really are, I wouldn’t know. Like I said, I am not really a fan. However, I do know this kind of thing is usually used for stories with big a cast.

You can also manage members to raise stats. You gotta make sure they’re in good condition.

Will I play this game forever? Probably not. Will I play it until I finish the story? Yes. I am a completionist of sorts. I am sure fans will love this game, as they can message and interact with their favorite members of the group. This game basically gives you everything you need, except for the romance, to fulfill your fantasies.


P.S. Feel free to add me. I’ll send you wings.

Stranger Things

As many of you may heard, Netflix opened up a pop-up zone for The Netflix Original Stranger Things. With Netflix’s growing business in South Korea, this pop-up is suppose to drum up interest for the new upcoming season. You can read more about it here.

I am not a fan of Stranger Things (child actors are so hit miss in terms of talent), but my friend is. She convinced me to check it out with her. Mainly cause my Korean skills are slightly better than hers. Slightly.

Outside is the gate and an art mural advertising the new season that starts on July 4th, US’s Independence Day. I miss buying and setting off fire works. There no greater feeling in the world than blowing up small parts of your home country to celebrate your freedom. I am not a terrorist NSA watch dogs.

When you go in the grounds there is a small kiosk where you register your phone number and number of people in your party. You are then assigned a group number and estimated time of your entrance. Despite the long line, we only had to wait fifteen minutes.

There is also a decent photo opportunity zone. It was too hot outside so I didn’t see a lot of people use it, like at all.

Before entering the building, you are given a map. There is a small stamp rally. You collect 11 stamps to get a raffle ticket for a prize. I won a face mask but my friend won a T-Shirt. That lucky duck.

The stamp rally is a little challenging to be honest. The instructions are in Korean only and the staff had limited English skills. But basically you take 11 different pictures and post to social media with certain hashtags. My friend and I didn’t have social media so we were allowed to just take photos and show them to a staff member.

Such photos include:

– the moving trash can

– rub spelled out in lights

– the bed room

The pop-up boasted about a trick-eye room, a mini museum, famous season two “sets” and an escape room. A frickin’ escape room.

Anyone who knows me knows I love escape rooms, despite not being smart enough for them. We went mainly for the escape room. However, you cannot register at the actual pop-up. You have to register online. My friend and I couldn’t find the website to register for it. Even the event staff couldn’t find it. We spent over an hour trying to find it, but eventually had to give up.

Overall, I would say that this pop-up isn’t worth the visit if you are coming to Hongdae just for it. Fans of the show will love it, so they might tolerate the crowd. I still had some fun. I got an experience to share and a nifty prize and sticker.

I like how my face mask actually has good English (A Netflix Original Korean Face Mask), but then again it is ran by Netflix itself, not some other group or individual (as some pop-up are not technically official).

The pop up on runs until July 7th, 2019. So, if you want to check it out, you better move fast.


Path to Ninja: Korean Gym

So I haven’t been exercising or eating right as much or as often as I want. I am a lazy piece of trash who rather have instant gratification than work for something. I am not being down on myself. I am just beung honest. I lack the willpower I used to have. However, I am slowly working on myself. Now since that is out of the way….

When it comes to gyms in Korea, there are two important things you should know.

1. Gyms are expensive.

In the United States, the prices of gyms depend on numerous factors. These can include, facilities, locations, type of staff, etc. I am sure these factors play a role too, but the gyms are still pricy.

2. Most of the time gyms are called Health Clubs.

When searching for a gym typing gym into “the Google” won’t cut it. A lot of the time, they are referred to as health clubs, fitness clubs, etc. Rarely, actually called a gym. I find this strange because everyone refers to it as one.

Now, I am going to take you on a tour of my gym. The place is called Health Time. I pay 60,000 Won (~57 USD approx.) for it. This is less than I paid while living in Yeongju, but the quality is worse. Surprisingly about the same I paid for Gold’s, but without none of the same features.

First is the entrance. This is where you can grab a towel and the optional workout clothes. So if you don’t have anything to exercise in, clothes are provided in three sizes. So, it cuts out some excuses already.

The firdt half of the gym is cardio stuff such as treadmills. The second part is the free weights and the body exercise equiptment. I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture because people were there and I didn’t want to be a creep. Korea (and a lot of Asian countries) have big problems with secret and perverted filming. It is probably as bad as you think. Might even be worse.

Next we go to the men’s locker room.

Everyone is assigned a shoe locker. There are 5 rows so I guess my gym gets a lot of business. I come in the morning since there is hardly people there. Plus all the fitness buffs and in shape people come at night. I feel both ashamed and intimidated. 😦

There is also temporary lockers where you can store your stuff. You just take a key with you and return it when you finish. There is also a shoe shelf where people leave their workout shoes. This is strange because it makes me wonder what is in their shoe lockers. Drug?

A locker room shower is also provided. Que the flashbacks from high school sports. Free bar soap is provided. Koreans have no problem sharing the showers with each other. I live like a 5 minute walk away so I shower in the privacy of my own home.

Last is the reception area. This is where you pay or ask for a trainer. There are many photos of a body builder on the wall. Rumor has it he works here as a trainer. I’ve never seen him. Maybe this is for eye candy. Maybe it is to motivate people. Maybe it is to attract people. There are probably psychological reasons for it being there. I could also be reading too much into it. Maybe it is just to show off or used for decoration.

Who knew my entire gym could be captured in so little photos. I’ve been to Planet Fitnesses that have been slightly better. Oh well, it is better than nothing. Plus the people are nice enough too.


Plenty of Fish

Last Sunday a friend invited me to go to the aquarium with him. Now, I’ve been putting it off because my experience has taught me aquariums are small and not that interesting. Here or anywhere in the world for that matter.

After much convincing we went to the Aquarium in Lotte World mall. I somehow keep coming back to this mall for different things and reasons. One would think I would have done everything here by now.

The entrance fee was ₩30,000 ($30 USD) per person. Luckily, we ate at the mall and got a 30% discount. He got an extra 10% for some reason he wouldn’t tell me.

The actual aquarium was kind of big and a bit more interesting than one would expect. The species of fish was quite varied

They even had a touch tank. My friend and I played a starfish stacking game with the ones in the tank and were asked to stop. Over all it was a decent experience and I cans see why many families comes to visit and many couples go on dates there.