End of Decade: Surviving Gacha Games

So it is no secret I love Gacha games. I don’t spend much money on them, aside from the occasional 99 cents bundles/sales some games have. If I had the money, and time, I would totally whale a game or two to get those sweet, sweet rare items, characters, etc.

Since the advent of smart phones, and phone apps, a lot of game have come and gone. I remember playing a lot, but none really stuck around. Does anyone remember The Simpsons: Tapped Out? I played that for quite a while. I got pretty far, and then dropped it. I can’t remember when I dropped it, but maybe after a year or two. Who knows?

What are these terms I am talking about? Well, here is the run down:

Gacha: Gacha games are video games that adapt and virtualize the gacha mechanic. In the monetization of video games it is similar to loot box, in inducing players to spend money. Most of these games are free-to-play mobile games. (So basically, it is like a virtual lucky box or capsule machine.)

Whaling (whale): a.k.a. players who spend a great deal on in-app purchases—bring in the majority of revenue for the free-to-play (F2P) mobile game market, despite there being fewer of them to support a game. … A better definition for 2018 is someone who spends more than $100 per month on a game.

Since the 10s decade is ending, I decided to do a post on which games I have currently on my phone, in order from the oldest to the newest. Not in terms of release dates mind you, but in terms of how long I’ve been playing them. Let’s get started!


Puzzle & Dragon: It originally came out in 2012, but I didn’t start playing until 2014. I actually only started playing so I can play with an ex of mine, but even after that relationship ended I still continue to play to this day.

All you really do is match three orbs of the same color. Not that hard. The monsters and characters you can use all have their own strength and weaknesses, not including their abilities as well. One thing I love about this game is that they have special monster collaborations with different games, shows, anime, etc. Most recently, they had a Power Rangers colab. 🙂

Pokémon Go: Probably one of the games I have been playing consistantly, yet I am not at level 40, what the hell. I played from when the game first came out, I still have my Abra, the first Pokemon I caught (and I caught it at the mental hospital I work at.) I did take a break my first time in Korea, since my mobile data was limited. It is still fun, and it has been great watching is game grow and develop. There is still quite the fan base in bigger cities.


One Piece Treasure Cruise: This game came out sometime in 2014, but I didn’t start playing until 2015 or 2016. I don’t quite remember. I am surprised it took me so long to play it considering I am a big, die hard One Piece fan (if it isn’t obvious). I don’t play a lot, mainly for events. However, I do log in everyday for the login bonus. I do love the high quality art of the game. That is reason enough to check it out.

King’s Raid: I started playing in late 2016, and I am not sure why. The art style is amazing, and if you set up your team right, you can auto play. It is mindless and relaxing. I have a lot of husbandos for this game, trying to avoid all the waifus they shove down your throat. I do like the events and character skins they often have. They are constantly adding characters and features too. Plus, and this is a huge plus, you can earn premium currency quite easily, so you don’t really have to spend money if you don’t have to.


BTS World: Everything about this game I wrote is here. Nothing has changed. It still gets the occasional updates. The events are kind of bland, but the card collecting and photos are still nifty.

Dragalia Lost: This game recently came out late last year, and it is published by Nintendo. It is fun and addicting. The characters are great, and the events are fun and unique, at least story wise. They cycle through the same three type of events, but it hasn’t gotten stale yet. Unlike other gacha games, they occasionally bring back past events so late/new comers can have a change to reap those rewards.

Pokémon Masters: What can I say that has been said by others already. The game is simple, and fun. It a little unfair at times. The main story is short. Once you finish, there not much to do. The events are short, and the event currency requires too much for even the most basic of things. The premium currency is quite expensive, and it cost a lot of gems to pull, and the gacha rates are quite bad. This is really, really pushing the pay to win. Like me, you can find fun stuff about this game too.

KOF Mobile (The King of Fighters): This game just recently came out and I only got into it because of Twitch Prime. I am still making up my mind about how I feel. It has a steep learning curve.

That all there is right now. Do you like or play any of these games?


Announcement: New Affiliate

I am sure you have noticed a a few new changes to the site, most recently a tab in the upper right hand corner. If you haven’t, that is okay.

I have a new affiliate tabs. This tab will be links to sponsor sites and products.

A new (and the first) affiliate of Daily Big T is BLits Games.


Who or what is BLits Games?

You can find out more about them here, but essentially here is an exert from their website:

BLits is an independent Yaoi/Boy’s Love development team founded in October 2016 by artists Mikkoukun and Zael, eventually co-founded with the programmer, Jey. Once founded, the team set out to create its first project, a visual novel, “Camp Buddy”.

Why take them on as an affiliate?

Why not? I am a gamer. I love visual novels. I am a bisexual guy so this is right up my alley. The game is fun and what I know of the company they’re pretty good.

How does this affect me?

Uh… it doesn’t. Unless you plan to buy the game, then you can access it from my site.

If you have any questions or concerns please drop me a line using the contact tab. Otherwise, wait for a new update. This was just a quick announcement post.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, too bad it isn’t big here in South Korea.

As a former cosplayer, I always loved dressing up in costumes, and it the societal day to dress up with little to no judgement (back when I cared what people thought of me).

As a kid, I loved trick or treating, getting free candy, and going to people’s garages for those cheesy haunted houses. It’s amazing I haven’t been kidnapped.

One of my favorite places to trick or treat was the nearby Air Force retirement village. Those old folks always gave out full size and long size can’t bars. I did however make the mistake of bragging about it so the next year the houses ran out by the time I got there. 😦

As a teen, young adult, and even now I love watching horror movies. Halloween is such a perfect day to marathon. It really helps sets the mood. It a shame I don’t have many friends that like scary movies as much as I do.

So from me to you, Happy Halloween.



With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

#5: Metagross


This lovable lug was first seen in my championship fight with Steven. It looked so damn awesome and I have never seen one before. I always play Pokemon games blind, so to encounter this blew my middle school mind. It s a steel type. Which is tote obvi. However, it is also a psychic type!!! That was unseen at the time. It also got a cool mega in generation 6.

I also like it since it was so hard to get. Unless you get it in a trade, the only way to get it is post game. After beating Steven, he leaves you the base form in his house. Which i had no clue about until I randomly went into his house. BY CHANCE! The false rarity created by myself made me love it even more once I finally got one.

 #4 Glalie 


Another Pokemon I thought was just plain cool. Yes, the pun is intended. For those of you don’t know, it is an ice type. Only an ice type. Middle school Big T thought it was an ice and dark type. It looks like a dark type. Look at that face, it is up to no good. Another Pokemon I didn’t know existed until the Elite 4 as well. It also gets a cool mega form. Who wouldn’t want a Pokemon that is just a head.

#3 Claydol


Really? Yes. Really.

Generation 3 is all Pokemon that I think look cool. Which is surprising cause I didn’t get a lot of these Pokemon on my first play-through.  I see them used near the end of the game and wonder how I could get them. Then I learned I have to actually catch and evolve different Pokemon to get everything. Plus, the base was in the desert and I kinda skipped that. This thing is all eyes, and owl shaped. Just cool looking.

#2: Flygon


Flygon. The best dragon of all time, and the best dragon in generation 3. Yes, I am coming for you Salamence supremacist!!!

Generation 6 did Flygon dirty by not giving him a mega. I am still salty about this. They say it was because they couldn’t settle on a design they like, but I know the truth.

I just love it. It actually looks like a dragon and has those weird goggle like eye protectors. Its base from looks like an ant-lion and doesn’t give any indication AT ALL that it turns into a dragon. It was a pleasant surprise. I always think my taste in Pokemon is unique, but, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that look cool.

#1: Swampert


My VIP Pokemon of generation 3. Yes it is a starter. I don’t care and you shouldn’t either. It was the ace of my team and got me out of many, many tough spots. Surf and earthquake, middle school me was unstoppable in the game. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I like it. It looks so cool and goofy. Like it will protect you, but also chill with you. Plus, it gets a mega in generation 6, and it gets swole/jacked. If it weren’t for Weregururumon, than Mega Swampert would have awoken the furry in me.

Not the best representation but look how buff my boy gets.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 4 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet.


Osaka Adventure – K-Con Pop Up

So after a fun trip to the noodle museum, we were hungry. We were going to save our noodles for another time. (Which I just ate yesterday 8/14 and by God it was delicious!) We decided to pop into the HEP building (where we went on the Ferris Wheel last year) for food. After debating three options (both of us didn’t want Japanese food, which is weird cause we were in Japan), we decided to try out this gourmet burger place. When we got there we were surprised, there was a K-Con pop-up store.

Look at our delicious burgers. We both forgot to ask for no mayo. 😦

Another table with the artists that performed.
Wall of photos from a concert?
BTS sign board
Stray Kids sign board. I actually like this group.
Monsta X sign board
Got 7 sign board. I like this group too, but they’re not big in Korea.
Each table had this on it, or a group picture. If there were less people, I would have taken pictures of the tables.
Merchandise. They were nearly sold out when we got there.

We didn’t know this was going on when we picked the place. The burgers were delicious, but the K-pop merch. was very, very lacking. It seems the good stuff sold out fast. We did peruse what was available and it wasn’t worth it. Aside from the buttons and some posters, everything had the logo of this event. Why would we buy something with the logo of a thing we didn’t go to?

Until next time,


Dave Does Music

So I am taking a small break from my Osaka Adventure post. Even though there is only one or two more. I didn’t take a lot of pictures or did anything else new that I don’t usually do. So feel free to ignore this.

One of the few people I follow on YouTube is the channel Dave Does Music which can be found here.

One month ago, Dave did a call for submission. He kept the details very under wrapped. All that we had to do was sing about 16 bars of “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.” Well is it bar? I am not musically inclined. What is a bar?

Anyways, I decided to do it and submit my voice. Even though my voice is the worst.

Last week, the video came out, but I was in Japan and didn’t get my notification. I didn’t check his site until today and that when I saw the video.

The ‘Na’s were for a cover of the song ‘2B a Master‘ from the 4Kids/WB era of Pokemon. That era was the late 90s early 00s.

It song came out great, and it is kind of fun to know my voice is in the video, along with some of the other people voices. He managed to get 15 people to submit. I have to applaud him. I love it when YouTube creators do audience stuff. 🙂

Look there I am. There is the site getting plugged. I hope it brings more traffic.

The video can be found here. If I knew how to embed YouTube videos on WordPress I would just post it.


BTS World (The Mobile Game)

Let me preface this that I am not a BTS fan. I would have to say my feelings towards are more neutral and indifferent. I have heard a few of their songs and I can understand how people can become obsessive with them. I am still not an active listener.

BTS World is a fan game (that was just released last week and is already climbing to the top of the download charts). It is not just any fan game. One can clearly see that the seven members of the group spent a while doing photo shoots just for this game. Additionally, you would have filmed scenes with both the individual members and the group as a whole. There is a certain high level of production here I have never seen before in a game of this genre. Each character has countless photo cards, reaction shots, voices, and anything that requires unique pictures.

At its core, BTS World, is a gacha game. I love gacha games (even though I have terrible luck) which is why I downloaded it. You, the player, will collect star-based (ranks) cards of each members of the group and upgrade them to pass an ever-raising bar to make it to the next story mission. This “game” is not a game in the traditional sense. As for a gacha game, it is very generous too. The stamina quickly replenishes and they throw more wings (the energy for the game) at you than you know what to deal with. It is not a money sucker like most gacha games, but I can see hard-core fans dropping large amounts of money to collect all the cards.

The “plot” of the game plays like bad (in a good way), self-insert fanfiction. I love cheesy fanfiction. I used to write some, but that is neither here nor there. SPOILER ALERT: You are sent back in time to 2012 (yay time travel 🙂 my favorite thing) to act as BTS’s manager, trying to get the group together and make them famous. Their music is a gift to the world. So all scenes involve recruiting them, finding them houses, training them, etc. This game was clearly written for young, female fans. The boys constantly refer to you as a female (instead of gender neutral pronouns) and either treat you as a house mom or flirt with you. There is also something called “another story” which has a member go off on an individual story of what they would be doing if they were not in BTS.

One thing I also noticed. Each member has a specific charter quirk or trait that gets played up a lot. At times it seems like they are caricatures of themselves. Maybe this is how they really are, I wouldn’t know. Like I said, I am not really a fan. However, I do know this kind of thing is usually used for stories with big a cast.

You can also manage members to raise stats. You gotta make sure they’re in good condition.

Will I play this game forever? Probably not. Will I play it until I finish the story? Yes. I am a completionist of sorts. I am sure fans will love this game, as they can message and interact with their favorite members of the group. This game basically gives you everything you need, except for the romance, to fulfill your fantasies.


P.S. Feel free to add me. I’ll send you wings.