Jurassic World Exhibit!!!

So the most usual exhibit came to South Korea and is still currently going on. I mean I saw the advertisement for it on the subway and several bus stops, so apparently it seems to be a big deal. “What is it?” You may ask. Well, if you didn’t read the title, it is the Jurassic World Exhibit.

The exhibit was by the Gimpo airport, way out of the way, but it is probably one of the few spaces in Korea they can meet the energy and height requirement for the dinosaurs.

The gift shop was outside and had some nifty stuff. What they don’t tell you is that a lot of the merchandise comes from Universal Studios. You didn’t hear this from me.

The exhibit was split into a few parts, show casing dinosaurs, the DNA lab, among many other things. A lot of it was in Korean so Ali Just glossed over it.

The entrance was similar to that of the movie. There was some connection between the movies (both park and World Series) and also as an educational theme park.

There were many dinosaurs that were animatronic this bad boy was the first one you see as you walk in. It has scars from being attacked by other dinosaurs. The models were really detailed and quite realistic.

This bad boy was just a neck and a head but still took up a lot of space. It was one of the few dinosaurs where you could see the rope. Still, the feel of the zoo was apparent.

The T-Rex enclosure was one of my favorites. The noise and the lights added to the atmosphere. Hell, even the kids crying was a very nice touch. The kids were real and in my group.

Hammonds were the big bad of the movies. They had incubators, fossilized ambers of mosquitoes where they extracted the different DNA of the dinosaurs, and even an egg chamber. The eggs had QR codes that can tell you what dinosaur would hatch. They even had a create your own dinosaur. Mine is currently being emailed to me, so when it comes I will post it.

The T-Rex skull fossil was great to see as well. It was so big, it was bigger than most of the children in my group. I wanted to get a side by side comparison but no parent would allow it. My sisters better step up their baby making game.

Also there was a guy who allowed you to pet a baby Dino. He seemed so happy. Must have been the best job.

After the lab was the gyro sphere trail. If you remember from the first Jurassic world movie was the safari like tour, but the destroyed and endangered part.

Seriously. My photos doesn’t do this place justice at all. The ones I am posting are the cream of the crop.

There was also a raptor (my favorite Dino) enclosure. It was blue from the Jurassic World movies, but I couldn’t get a good photo or video. The adult male next to me kept pushing and shoving me out of the way so his kid could see. Plus the poor lighting killed that part of the experience.

Overall, I would have to save it was worth my money. It was a great experience to see dinosaurs and learn a little about them as well.

If I were to make a recommendation, go on a weekday to avoid the family crowd if you like photo ops.

Outside was a dinosaur theme cafe. It was really cute, and kind of pricy. I wish I ate there because everything looked so delicious. Maybe I’ll come back again before the exhibit leaves.


Big T Review: Captain Marvel (May Contain Spoilers)

Overall review: Enjoyable. 3/5


This past weekend I saw Captain Marvel with a couple of friends. I must say it was an enjoyable experience overall.

Movie summary: Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.

First of all this movie felt like a blast from the past. It take places in the 1990s, which the soundtrack reflects. I mean any movie that has TLC in it is usually a good ride to begin with, but also it was the time of my childhood. It was nice to see payphones, Radio Shack, and even Blockbusters.

Mother FUCKING Blockbuster!

The story was pretty good overall, however it felt like a generic super hero movie. Hero has powers. Hero gets training. Hero fights the bad guy. Hero loses (although the lost can be a bit subjective). There there is a plot twist. The actual bad guy isn’t the bad guy. The guys who were introduced as the good guys were the bad guys. The a huge action scene. Movie is over.

I will admit, I am a bit fatigue on Marvel movies, and super heroes in generals, but the selection of English movies in South Korea is rather limited. Plus, apparently this was needed to understand Avengers Infinity Wars 2: End Game. However, this movie was a flashback overall and it only really explains how Fury got his scar, and why Captain Marvel appears. Although, it seems that she is the only one who can fight Thanos. So, eh.

This movie seemed to have a huge feminist front to it. The whole ‘Women Are Strong and Can Do Anything,” isn’t subtle. It slaps you in the face. I am not one to knock feminism, but I prefer my messages to be more subtle. I want to feel rewarded when I figure out what a movie is trying to say, not have it pointed out to me.


Additionally, I felt like the relationship with  Maria Rambeau was played safe. They are best friends. Nothing wrong with that. However, there was some undertones of a relationship between them. Sexual tensions, that the phase I am looking for. Yes girls can be friends, but this was a perfect opportunity to showcase a homosexual relationship. A lot of shows nowadays play it safe and use lesbian relationships more often than not. So I was disappointed this didn’t happen.

Overall, this movie was great. Definitely worth a watch. Check it out!


Big T Review: The Nun

Overall review: Decent Watch 3/5


First of all, let me say this. I love The Conjuring Series and cinematic universe. I love horror movies, and low key looked forward to this movie. Plus, it just hit here in South Korea last week.

A brief synopsis: A priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.

I went to go see this movie with my friend, the same one from my Mamma Mia 2 review. It was the exchange for me seeing that movie with her. Since she isn’t a fan of the horror genre, we had to get a daytime showing. Didn’t matter too much, the theater was packed. There were a couple of old ladies in from of us who left halfway through. They probably thought this was going to be a completely different movie. Seriously, the delivery guy sees a kid in the graveyard, and that is when the ladies upped and walked out. I couldn’t believe it.

What makes a great horror movie? The subtlety and finesse in crafting tension and horror without revealing much; the gradual buildup of horror through the unknown; having the audience know that something is out there and not revealing it immediately. The Nun does the exact opposite of all of this. After all, it is a spin off and a prequel to the Conjuring series (mainly the second one), so even the conclusion isn’t final.

I didn’t have high expectations (I never do when it comes to horror movies sadly), but I was still disappointed. I watched all the Conjuring and Annabelle spin-offs. For the most part I enjoyed most off them.

Considering the success of the first Conjuring, I always hoped that the next sequel/prequel builds on the strengths of the first, where tension and horror is built slowly and gradually, culminating in tense and horrific scenes and a climatic finish. Unfortunately with each new installment, I found that the same narrative and scare tropes are implemented, making the movie more predictable and mundane. Plus, the second one had some decently bad acting that stopped me from being sucked into the story. One word: biscuits.

Unfortunately The Nun takes this to a whole new comical level. How can such a thing go so wrong?! Creepy demon nun? Check! Old isolated abandoned castle? Check! Pseudo-religious lore to build on? Check! Romania? Check!  All the ingredients to create a great horror flick. They ended up making a movie more tailored to a young adult/teenage fan-base, relying on cliche story-line, extremely dumb protagonists and never ending predictable jump scares. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good jump scare when used right, but this movie almost solely relies on them. Seriously.

The worst part of the movie, and where I think it went so wrong, is how it reveals everything way too much and way too early. Not only do you see the nun in the first 5 minutes and constantly jumping out every 10 minutes, you hear her screaming and attacking victims, repeatedly throughout the movie. By the time the third act takes place you already have seen all the scares and it becomes comical. The only redeeming thing I liked was towards the ending we find out the whole second act was the young nun having a vision of everything that went down. Even then, this reveal was a little too early. If they pushed it off for another five minutes, it would have had a little better payoff.

Overall it is an almost disappointing movie. It is still a decent watch if you are a fan of the series. It had a lot of hype. I even saw a booth for it a Seoul Comic Con.