Monster Slime Cafe

This past week I have had a birthday. Happy birthday to me!!! Yes *pat on the back* I am making this about me. In case you are wondering, I am now pushing 30.

So last year my friend and I came across this cafe, but were unable to attend due to plans we already had. As a special birthday treat, she took me here to come and make slime.

I know what you are thinking, slime, isn’t that for kids? Well, technically it is, but when we went it was mostly adults and couples.

When you come in, you order and drink (if you want) and pick the kind of slime you want to make. If you look at the pink board there are eight different kinds of slime to choose from. Slime or slimes? Is it a countable noun? I know I am an English teacher, but some times I can’t brain.

Anyways, my friend and I chose different slime but the making process is the same. One could also paint a character as seen in the picture below.

As you can see from the two pictures above, after picking your slime you can choose “toppings” in different amounts to make your slime more fun. I didn’t, but my friend chose glitter. We left the cafe sparkly. Glitter is truly the STI of the art world. Don’t let other people tell you differently.

Once we sat down they brought out the supplies. The big container is the base of the slime. The small hearts to the side are the “special” ingredients for our slime. We also had spatulas to mix before taking it into our hands. At this point, they put some weird liquid like thing on our hands so I couldn’t take photos passed this set. Which makes me so angry because I saw a dog (through the window) on the roof of the building across the street and no one believes me!

So the basic process was this:

  1. Put clear liquid in the big container and mix with the spatula. First it becomes doughy, then pasty, then finally slimy.
  2. Take it out of the jar and mix in the “special ingredient” while playing with it in your hands. Make sure you thoroughly mix it together and make sure it doesn’t touch your clothes cause it will stick and stain.
  3. Add a fragrance. Mine smells like peaches. MMMMMMMMMMMM
  4. Play and have fun.


My slime (as seen above) is the magnet slime. It is magnetic and can slowly craw with the pull of a magnet. Plus it is dark, like my heart and soul.


My friend’s monstrosity as I call it, cause you know glitter. Her’s is the heat sensatitive slime. Its base is an orange-red color. The hotter it gets, it changes colors. It goes from red to orange to yellow. It is quite amazing.


This is the container to take it home. Isn’t it cute?

I wish I had more to say, but if you get a chance to go to Hongdae (in Seoul) stop by the Monster Slime cafe. It is a great way to have fun with your friends.


P.S. we passed by a vintage clothes shop on the way there, and saw this Spiderman. His butt is up and his batch is arched. Spiderman is a bottom.

New Year – New Change: One Piece Cafe

Happy New Years!

I hope this year finds you well.

Today marked the re-opening of the One Piece Cafe in Hongdae. To my surprise, it was under construction for the last half of November and the entirety of December. I try to go once a month because they constantly have new character inspired drinks. It was a dream for me to try everything on the menu at least once, but that dream now kicked the bucket. I have written on the One Piece Cafe here.

To my surprise, the cafe part of the cafe is gone. They kept the ship part, but overall it is now a gift/specialty shop. It is now called PLAY ONE PIECE in HONGDAE. I asked why the cafe part was taken off, and the lady whispered to me “the cafe wasn’t profitable.” I was shocked how up front and honest she was with me. Koreans are never direct about that kind of stuff.

This news makes me sad, because specialty shops don’t last long in Korea, especially Seoul. I must admit I was surprised that this place has lasted longer than two years. Anyways, I decided to take a tour of the “new” place.

When you enter, you reach a reception area, where they have some “themed” gifts. They were running a blind box promotion. You best believe I bought one (not a wise choice though). I opened it and got a Zoro figure (YAY!) but one I actually have (BOO!)

On the way to the “gift shop” area, there is a wall with One Piece characters, a photo booth, and a booth to play a demo of One Piece: World Seeker.

The gift shop surprisingly has less stuff for sale, but still a variety to offer.

The upstairs, which used to be the dining area, now displays figures, has a claw machine, and has a little more merchandise for sale.

The rest of the place still seems to be under construction. I’ll check again later this month to see the finished product.

Thank you for reading!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, too bad it isn’t big here in South Korea.

As a former cosplayer, I always loved dressing up in costumes, and it the societal day to dress up with little to no judgement (back when I cared what people thought of me).

As a kid, I loved trick or treating, getting free candy, and going to people’s garages for those cheesy haunted houses. It’s amazing I haven’t been kidnapped.

One of my favorite places to trick or treat was the nearby Air Force retirement village. Those old folks always gave out full size and long size can’t bars. I did however make the mistake of bragging about it so the next year the houses ran out by the time I got there. 😦

As a teen, young adult, and even now I love watching horror movies. Halloween is such a perfect day to marathon. It really helps sets the mood. It a shame I don’t have many friends that like scary movies as much as I do.

So from me to you, Happy Halloween.


Jurassic World Exhibit!!!

So the most usual exhibit came to South Korea and is still currently going on. I mean I saw the advertisement for it on the subway and several bus stops, so apparently it seems to be a big deal. “What is it?” You may ask. Well, if you didn’t read the title, it is the Jurassic World Exhibit.

The exhibit was by the Gimpo airport, way out of the way, but it is probably one of the few spaces in Korea they can meet the energy and height requirement for the dinosaurs.

The gift shop was outside and had some nifty stuff. What they don’t tell you is that a lot of the merchandise comes from Universal Studios. You didn’t hear this from me.

The exhibit was split into a few parts, show casing dinosaurs, the DNA lab, among many other things. A lot of it was in Korean so Ali Just glossed over it.

The entrance was similar to that of the movie. There was some connection between the movies (both park and World Series) and also as an educational theme park.

There were many dinosaurs that were animatronic this bad boy was the first one you see as you walk in. It has scars from being attacked by other dinosaurs. The models were really detailed and quite realistic.

This bad boy was just a neck and a head but still took up a lot of space. It was one of the few dinosaurs where you could see the rope. Still, the feel of the zoo was apparent.

The T-Rex enclosure was one of my favorites. The noise and the lights added to the atmosphere. Hell, even the kids crying was a very nice touch. The kids were real and in my group.

Hammonds were the big bad of the movies. They had incubators, fossilized ambers of mosquitoes where they extracted the different DNA of the dinosaurs, and even an egg chamber. The eggs had QR codes that can tell you what dinosaur would hatch. They even had a create your own dinosaur. Mine is currently being emailed to me, so when it comes I will post it.

The T-Rex skull fossil was great to see as well. It was so big, it was bigger than most of the children in my group. I wanted to get a side by side comparison but no parent would allow it. My sisters better step up their baby making game.

Also there was a guy who allowed you to pet a baby Dino. He seemed so happy. Must have been the best job.

After the lab was the gyro sphere trail. If you remember from the first Jurassic world movie was the safari like tour, but the destroyed and endangered part.

Seriously. My photos doesn’t do this place justice at all. The ones I am posting are the cream of the crop.

There was also a raptor (my favorite Dino) enclosure. It was blue from the Jurassic World movies, but I couldn’t get a good photo or video. The adult male next to me kept pushing and shoving me out of the way so his kid could see. Plus the poor lighting killed that part of the experience.

Overall, I would have to save it was worth my money. It was a great experience to see dinosaurs and learn a little about them as well.

If I were to make a recommendation, go on a weekday to avoid the family crowd if you like photo ops.

Outside was a dinosaur theme cafe. It was really cute, and kind of pricy. I wish I ate there because everything looked so delicious. Maybe I’ll come back again before the exhibit leaves.


Osaka Adventure: USJ -One Piece Pirate Restaurant

So it is apparently a tradition for me to go to USJ (Universal Studio Japan) every summer in Korea. Apparently this past summer was no different. Not much has changed since last year.

An advertisement for the new One Piece film.

One thing I noticed is that there was a One Piece restaurant. Well two. One for the general public, and a sequel to Sanji’s restaurant from last year. For Sanji’s I wasn’t able to get a reservation this year, since I was unaware they were doing it again. Haha, so I went to the general one.

The general pirate restaurant was in the Jurassic Park part of the park. It was in the JP restaurant and just slightly decorated to fit the theme of the new One Piece film, stampede.

My favorite part, one piece flags and dinosaur bones.
A sequel to Sailor Moon from last year and a Godzilla VS Evangelion movie? YES! PLEASE!

An anti-climatic end to my vacation and Osaka Adventure series. Hope you’re not to disappointed.



Osaka Adventure – K-Con Pop Up

So after a fun trip to the noodle museum, we were hungry. We were going to save our noodles for another time. (Which I just ate yesterday 8/14 and by God it was delicious!) We decided to pop into the HEP building (where we went on the Ferris Wheel last year) for food. After debating three options (both of us didn’t want Japanese food, which is weird cause we were in Japan), we decided to try out this gourmet burger place. When we got there we were surprised, there was a K-Con pop-up store.

Look at our delicious burgers. We both forgot to ask for no mayo. 😦

Another table with the artists that performed.
Wall of photos from a concert?
BTS sign board
Stray Kids sign board. I actually like this group.
Monsta X sign board
Got 7 sign board. I like this group too, but they’re not big in Korea.
Each table had this on it, or a group picture. If there were less people, I would have taken pictures of the tables.
Merchandise. They were nearly sold out when we got there.

We didn’t know this was going on when we picked the place. The burgers were delicious, but the K-pop merch. was very, very lacking. It seems the good stuff sold out fast. We did peruse what was available and it wasn’t worth it. Aside from the buttons and some posters, everything had the logo of this event. Why would we buy something with the logo of a thing we didn’t go to?

Until next time,


Osaka Adventure: Cup Noodle Museum

One thing is found on my trip was that a cup noodle Museum exist near Osaka. I accidentally found an ad, but I managed to convince my friend to go.

So we hopped on the train and arrived 30 minutes later. We went right when it opened and it was still busy and crowded. Like other people had the same idea too.

Outside the Museum is a statue of the inventor standing on a cup noodle. It’s pretty cool, and I regret not learning his name. In the immortal words of Hiro Mashima, “Whoops!”

Since we didn’t have a reservation, one part of the Museum was closed off to us. It just an expanded upon experience of one of the parts of the Museum.

The Museum is split into two part, an exhibition showcasing the history of instant noodles, and a make your own cup noodle.

Look at this old school noodle making house.

Along one wall of the exhibit, it shows what cup noodles are currently in circulation, and what noodles were out in the past. It even showed the very first cup noodles!!!

Seriously. It went from the floor to the ceiling. The perfect chance to use the Panoramic feature of my iPhone and I didn’t use it. It’s tough being part of the 1% (I am really not part of it.)

The other side of the wall started from conception to execution.

We even got to see the inside of the cup of noodles!!!

Did you know it doesn’t touch the bottom? I didn’t until this trip. My mind is forever blown.

Instant cup noodles also went to space. Yay for the astronauts!

After exploring the exhibit, we got to make our own cup noodles. It’s fun and only cost 300 Yen.

Look how crowded this part was too, at 10 in the morning. That is when the museum opened!

First you buy your cup from a vending machine, because it is Japan.

Next you clean and sanitize your hands because you are a filthy animal. Don’t try to hide it. You know you don’t wash your hands when you leave the restroom. You disgust me.

Then we can decorate our cups. My friends and I got down to business.

Her cup came out better than mine. One Piece represent!!!

Finally comes the fun part. You put your noodles in your cup, choose a broth, and FOUR toppings. I got curry broth, my friend got tomato chili. She can handle spicy, I cannot.

The last part is really cool. They put the lid on it and then wrap it in a plastic bag. They put it into that machine on the far right of the picture. It applies heat to the bag and that how the cup gets shrink-wrapped. I enjoyed that part more than I should.

This is a model of the candle I bought from the gift shop. I haven’t set fire to it yet, so I am not sure how it smell. There is no indication on the box.

If you ever get the chance to visit, I recommend it. It’s a short amount of time spent at the place, but over all it is quite fun. You can make your own memories and have a delicious souvenir. However, you only have one month to eat it before it expires. So you better not save it.

Until next time,