I am SUPER to introduce the brand new Digital Marketing Templates Library.

What is it?

It’s a free library that includes templates for blog posts, SEO campaigns, content calendars, emails, press releases, Facebook ads, and more.

You can download the brand new Digital Marketing Templates Library here:

Visit the Digital Marketing Templates Library

This new resource library contains over 20 proven templates for SEO, content marketing, social media, PR, and more.

All in all, this resource is intended to help you get a head start on your most important marketing tasks. Whether you’re planning an SEO strategy, writing a press release, or creating Facebook ads, this list of templates can help.

I am very satisfied with the result of the Digital Marketing Templates Library.

And I hope you get a lot of value out of it.

Take a look at the Digital Marketing Templates Library

Here’s what’s included

The Digital Marketing Templates Library consists of 5 core categories:

  • SEO templates – These templates are designed to help you get higher Google rankings. We have included templates to help you
    Plan an entire SEO campaign. Along with tactical templates for finding keywords, optimizing content and analyzing
    your results.
  • Content Marketing Templates – This list of templates to help you create content that will get results (related to
    Traffic, backlinks, social shares and more). This section contains templates for writing compelling case studies and submitting
    Effective outreach emails, developing a content marketing strategy plan, and more.
  • Email Marketing Templates – These templates are designed to help you build your email list. And send your emails
    Subscribers want to open.
  • Social Media Marketing Templates – This collection of templates has resources on how to write SEO friendly YouTube videos
    Descriptions, reviewing your social media presence, creating attention-grabbing Facebook ads, and more.
  • PR templates – Learn how to plan a PR campaign from scratch. And get coverage with our templates
    This shows you how to write press releases and send targeted emails that journalists want to read.

Visit the Digital Marketing Templates Library

What do you think?

I’d like to thank Kyle Byers, our new co-founder at Exploding Topics, for helping me put this new resource together.

And I’d love to hear what you think of the new Digital Marketing Templates Library.

In particular, I would like to know:

What’s your favorite template from this list?

I also plan to add more even more helpful templates to the library soon.

Let me know if you have any template ideas or suggestions.