Ask any marketer and they will tell you replacing or upgrading an important part of your martech stack is not an easy task. Obtaining, replacing, and training your team on new software while business continues as normal takes time and team-wide effort.

But as businesses grow and goals increase, it’s worth checking your existing martech stack to see if it still works for your business – especially your social media management software. Social media is fast becoming the primary engagement channel. 68% of consumers say that social media allows them to interact with brands and companies. In other words, tools that only support basic functionality like scheduling or publishing just won’t make it anymore.

For corporate businesses, having a social media management tool that can scale and deliver the impact of a large, global business need is critical to long-term success. In this article, we’ll go through the tell-tale signs that you need new enterprise social media management software and the considerations to think through before choosing a tool.

How to determine if you need to update your corporate social media management software

Aside from the obvious signs that you need a new social media tool (things go wrong! It won’t get the job done!), There are other signs that your social media software needs to be updated for your business . For example:

  • Your current platform doesn’t support a growing team. Maybe your software works fine with only one person managing your social endeavors, but what if you hire more people? As your social media team grows, tools that enable seamless collaboration and workflows that anyone can access are must-have. For example, Sprout Social’s approval workflows make collaboration on social content a breeze and even simplify the onboarding process for new team members.
  • Your social data can only be interpreted by an analytics expert. Social data is a powerful source of business intelligence that can impact teams beyond marketing. But what use is this data if this knowledge can only be obtained by your local data analysis expert? Platforms like Sprout Social democratize social data across the enterprise and offer a user-friendly interface that enables anyone to gain valuable insights from social media. For example, Sprout’s listening tool makes it easy for non-data professionals to get valuable real-time information about things like consumer sentiment and more.
    Sprout Social Listening feature that shows the summary of a sample topic
  • Your customer support team is isolated from social channels. Fact: 79% of consumers expect a response from brands within the first 24 hours of being contacted, making social an important channel for customer support. The best social customer experiences are based on cross-team visibility and collaboration between your social media and customer support teams. In the absence of common corporate social media management software, brands risk leaving consumer questions and messages unread.
  • Your software is not as secure as it seems. The last thing a business organization needs is a security breach. As cyber criminals increasingly target social media accounts, brands need to ensure that their social media software is always up to date with the latest security measures. If your existing software doesn’t have measures like two-step verification, single sign-on, or IP whitelisting, it may be time to look for another solution.

When you’ve decided it is time to upgrade your business social media management software, remember that not only are you looking for a solution that meets your needs today, but it will grow with your business can.

What to consider when comparing social media management tools

When you start looking for social media software, it is important to keep an eye on your end user. Your social media team will use the software you choose. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, or if you are unfamiliar with this tool, it will be much harder to see the return on your technology investment.

Learn what tools and features your social media team needs to get their job done, and ask for their feedback when comparing social media management tools. Look for social media solutions that offer a free trial or other ways to get your social media team’s hands on the keyboard to try out the software before you buy. At Sprout Social, we believe that the best way for any social media team to determine whether our solution is the right solution for their needs is by leading teams through the product with an expert first. To help you get the most out of your personalized Sprout demo, check out this guide, which walks through everything from setting up your profile to creating your first report.

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In addition to including your social media team in the decision-making process, there are other considerations to consider when choosing a social media management platform:

  • Will this new solution centralize all the profiles you want to manage? Before you decide on a new platform, make sure that it actually supports all of the networks you are currently using – and the networks you plan to use in the future. Maybe you don’t have a Glassdoor profile today, but if you decide you need one a few months later, will your new software support this network partnership? At Sprout, we’re regularly adding to our list of network partners and exploring new integrations to ensure customers get the most out of Sprout in all parts of their social media journey.
  • What will the deployment process look like? A common problem with ripping and replacing your social media software is the business disruption this process can cause. For businesses, even a small delay in productivity can reduce revenue and affect your competitiveness. Ask what the rollout process will look like and what (if any) dynamics or insights you might lose or gain during this transition.
  • What new skills and / or efficiency gains are we gaining? If you go through the hassle of switching your social media software, look for solutions that not only meet your needs, but also improve your strategy and results. When choosing a social media management platform, look for tools that build on what you already have. Can you adapt your social media reports to the expectations of your stakeholders or gain even more insights from your social media data? For example, the Sprout Social platform allows you to create custom reports, complete with widgets to provide additional context and shape your data narration. And integrations with platforms like Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics 365 make it easy for teams to deliver a unified, consistent customer experience.

It’s time to switch

After you’ve read the signs, researched, and gone through every possible thought, it’s time to update your social media management software for your business. By investing the time and energy upfront to find your next management tool, you will make your team successful and ensure that your company has a solution that will grow with you.

Are you still in the discovery phase or do you have questions about the features and tools you get with the Sprout Social platform? Contact one of our experts today to set up your free personalized demo.