Friday would have been John Lennon’s late 80th birthday, and his music is now available on TikTok through an account created in collaboration with The Lennon Estate and label partner Universal Music Group.

TikTok users around the world now have a dedicated playlist of 11 of Lennon’s most iconic solo tracks:

  • “Beautiful boy”
  • “Give me some truth”
  • “Give peace a chance”
  • “Merry Christmas (war is over)”
  • “To introduce”
  • “Instant karma! (We all light up) “
  • “Mind Games”
  • “Nobody told me”
  • “Notice”
  • “Stand by Me”
  • “Mrs”

TikTok also launched the global hashtag challenge #GimmeSomeTruth in recognition of the 1971 protest song Lennon, co-produced with Phil Spector, with former Beatles bandmate George Harrison on guitar.

Lennon’s son, Sean Ono Lennon, said in a TikTok blog post on Friday, “We are very excited to open my father’s official TikTok account and can’t wait to see what his fans around the world are up to his music and his message of peace create and love. “