Scrolling Twitter is so fun, and you can even spot little tips among tweets from digital marketing influencers.

You don’t have to spend that much time doing it. That’s the beauty. However, creating engaging content isn’t that easy. Your audience will see your tweet once on their feed, and that’s gone. It has to be catchy and interesting.

Where are there no digital marketers? Reputable marketing influencers everywhere, including Twitter, are sharing respectable insights.

This article lists the best digital marketing influencers on Twitter who are making your feed more engaging than ever. Keep an eye on their tips, which are 280 characters long, as well as check out other resources they find useful.

Factors influencing digital marketing on Twitter

  • Hiten Shah / @hnshah
  • Joe Pulizzi / @JoePulizzi
  • Amy Porterfield / @amyporterfield
  • Sarah Evans / @prsarahevans
  • Greg Isenberg / @gregisenberg
  • Matt Navarra / @MattNavarra
  • Cyrus Shepard / @CyrusShepard
  • Ann Smarty / @seosmarty
  • Barry Adams / @badams
  • Wes Kao / @wes_kao
  • Talia Wolf / @TaliaGw

Hiten shah

Hiten Shah tweets about startups and growing software companies (SaaS). These companies are growing and therefore have very close relationships with digital marketing activities.

In addition, the digital marketing community also tracks the innovation and success of startups to create the most exciting tools and products.

All of this makes him one of the most influential people on Twitter if your into digital marketing.

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Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is an entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and podcaster. If you want to dive deeper into content marketing, he is the right influencer to follow on Twitter.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield helps entrepreneurs build businesses online. Her areas of expertise also include starting and adding to an email list, creating digital courses, promoting and selling courses online using webinars.

You can follow her to find out about her interesting content on digital marketing in various formats.

Sarah Evans


Sarah Evans acts as a digital correspondent and consultant for global brands. She is also a digital strategist and global brand correspondent who works with companies worldwide to develop and improve their social and digital strategies. She advises in the areas of branding, marketing, advertising and public relations.

That’s why you should follow her on Twitter as a digital marketing influencer:

  • She creates unique and original content for Twitter.
  • She is active and up to date with the latest digital trends.
  • You can discover some tips from their tweets as you scroll down your feed.

Greg Isenberg

Follow Greg Isenberg on Twitter to learn more about community-first businesses.

With years of experience with tech companies, he can show you how to build a startup and much more.

Matt Navarre

Matt Navarra is a social media consultant and industry commentator.

Social media has been one of the most important media for digital marketing campaigns for many years. Matt can help you as a tipster for the social media industry on Twitter.

His other responsibilities included audience development, content syndication, partnerships with branded content, stakeholder management of providers and social media platforms, training and development, and content optimization.

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard writes and shares about SEO, Google ranking factors, higher traffic / conversions + 10x content.

He has many years of experience as an SEO expert, online marketer, content editor, speaker and author. Thanks to his expertise, he can build highly qualified traffic through SEO and content marketing.

For valuable statistics, reviews, or updates on SEO, just click the “Follow” button.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is another SEO influencer on Twitter, who can also share some insights into her specialties below:

  • Online reputation management
  • Link building
  • Social media marketing

Follow her and see what she discovers online.

Barry Adams

Barry Adams helps publishers maximize search traffic with effective search engine optimization.

As an award-winning SEO consultant, he specializes in technical and editorial SEO for news publishers worldwide.

He’s also happy to share her knowledge and experience in search engine optimization with the broader industry on Twitter, as well as at some lectures and digital conferences.

Wes Kao

Wes Kao tweets about marketing, rigorous thinking, and education. She also shares some guides and advice on digital marketing.

Talia Wolf


Talia Wolf is a specialist and speaker for conversion optimization. Additionally, she helps high-growth brands create funnels that audiences are happy to switch to with customer-centric optimization.

Digital marketing and its ingredients; Talia knows everything. From emotional targeting, persuasion, messaging, landing page optimization, mobile optimization, customer experience to optimization and analysis, it makes a difference.

Digital Marketing and Twitter – Consequences of Topics and Influencing Factors

Did you know that Twitter has 330 million monthly active users? It is a chance to reach those who may also be interested in your products and services.

Everyone is aware that for a while, social media is and will be a perfect medium for brands to get the right message across to their users.

Not only are they a powerful social networking tool, they also bring you the latest information on all the topics, updates, and companies that interest you. All of these positive results mean that you should also create a marketing strategy for Twitter.

Digital marketing influencers on Twitter also make it easy to catch up on the latest industry blog posts. They share tips and tricks and sometimes make you understand the pros and cons of some new insights in the industry.

By following these digital marketing influencers on Twitter, you can learn more about digital marketing, growth, entrepreneurship, startups, and more about the digital landscape.