Are you ready to get your Pinterest strategy under control? You have come to the right place! Today we’re starting Pinterest Click Tracking.

Whether you’re building your business online or trying to get more attention to your website or blog, Pinterest is a great tool for increasing sales and traffic.

With click tracking, you can now shorten your URLs, track every click, and discover your top performing content – all within Later.

If you have a growth or expanded plan, Pinterest click tracking is currently available in your account.

So what are you waiting for? Fuel your Pinterest strategy with advanced analytics today!

How To Use Click Tracking To Grow Your Business On Pinterest

Pinterest can be a real enabler for your business or brand. Pinterest demographics have higher purchasing power than most other social channels. 83% of Weekly Pinners make a purchase based on the content they saw on the platform.

With Pinterest Click Tracking, you can now plan your strategy based on exact dates.

Later, check your detailed Pin Performance to see what type of content is driving the most traffic to your website – and to improve your brand visibility!

If you have an online store, Pinterest click tracking can help you determine market interest in new products that you bring to market. Discover which products generate the most clicks and attract potential new customers to your website.

Pinterest click tracking is the best way to get a bigger picture of what content is performing (and which is not!) For your business or brand. This is how you can customize your strategy and get real results!

How to schedule a PIN with click tracking

Step 1: choose your media.

In the later web app, select content from your media library and drag and drop the media into the calendar to get the planning.

TIP: You can also plan several social platforms at the same time in the Later app.GIF of the person who later uses tools to drag and drop the dog's Pinterest image into their content calendar

Step 2: Select your Pinterest board and add a title and description for your pin.

TIP: Optimize your Pinterest SEO by adding relevant keywords, pin title, and pin description to your board. For more tips on how to get the most out of your Pins, check out our guide to Selling on Pinterest.GIF of a person using Later's planning tools to add a title and description to their Pin

Step 3: make sure your media is the optimal size for Pinterest.

With Later’s image and text editor, you can quickly resize your media for Pinterest and add text to create promotional or inspiration pins.The GIF of a person using Later's editing tools to make sure the image of a black dog in a pinstripe shirt is the right size for Pinterest

Step 4: Add a website link, click “Enable Click Tracking” and click “Save”.

You’re done! Your PIN will automatically be published on your board at the scheduled time.

GIF of a person using Later's scheduling tools to add their website URL to their PIN and enable Pinterest click tracking

Step 5: Once your PIN has been published, switch to the Analytics tab.

Scroll down to see your detailed pin performance analysis with click data. Tap Details to monitor your Pins’ saves and clicks over time.

GIF of the tab

Are you ready to start your Pinterest strategy? Pinterest Click Tracking is now available for later growth and advanced plans. Upgrade to get started.

What our customers say

We have offered some of our customers early access to Pinterest Click Tracking. This is how it supports your Pinterest strategy.

“This year I started using Pinterest more for my small business. Now that I can track my pins I have a better idea of ​​how they actually work. “- Melissa Galbraith, @McreativeJ

“It’s easy to use and since I associate all of my Pins with items that are for sale, I’m sure this will increase my online sales.” – Maria Jones, @dallasvintage

Do you want to generate more traffic from Pinterest? Pinterest Click Tracking is now available for later growth and advanced plans. Upgrade to get started!

Written by

Matt Smith

Matt has set up a few startups and is also a co-founder of Later where he leads marketing, growth and customer experience. In previous companies, he led product, engineering and growth teams. You can follow @mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter