The Covid-19 pandemic was cruel for travelers. During an average year, anyone who was fueled by wanderlust had only to decide where to go, when to go, and how much the trip might cost. In 2020 they were answered with answers like “nowhere” and “not now”.

A new social media platform, Travevel, is trying to unite the many explorers who just have nowhere to go until the world defeats the coronavirus. It is an ad-free, interactive platform that shares user-generated images and videos documenting their previous travel experiences.

Travevel, a new social media app, aims to bring travel lovers together who are temporarily banned during this time … [+] the Covid-19 pandemic.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Travevel is committed to using 10% of all advertising profits to provide “livelihoods and affordable housing” in high-poverty areas where the economy depends on tourism.

After logging in, a user has a personal, interactive map of the world that shows pins in places that they have marked in uploads. The platform allows a click on any PIN, on which uploaded content that is linked to this goal unfolds. Images stored in the Travevel cloud can be used to free up storage space on other devices. Users can keep the card private, share it with friends, or make it publicly visible.

So that the Travevel experience is only focused on tourism, the app is designed to prevent advertising and politics from leading to controversy on larger, more established social media platforms. Travevel is ad-free and offers companies in the travel industry the opportunity to join the community.

Subscribing companies can create a company profile and share ad-free pictures and videos along with user-generated content. Business listing prices start at $ 9.99 per month.