Troubleshooting common remote working problems

In 2020, there was a postponement of remote working as millions of workers across the country worked from home almost overnight. While those with robust remote work policies coped well with the sudden change, others had to quickly and reliably implement systems and policies.

Remote working has many advantages for employees and organizations. While there haven’t been many positive results this year, maybe one of them is removing the barriers to remote working. It has been shown to work and improve the productivity and wellbeing of many employees.

As with all things, working remotely poses particular challenges for IT teams when it comes to avoiding troubleshooting issues for remote workers. Here are a few tools that can be helpful if you have problems with remote IT work.

Embrace collaboration technology

Email alone is no problem for a remote, dispersed workforce. This is where collaboration technology comes in. Many companies already rely on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other similar software to help teams interact with one another.

Learn more about options for your business and develop a comprehensive training plan so everyone knows how to get the most out of the collaboration systems you use.

Enable secure access to data

Access to business systems and data is required for employees to get their jobs done. However, you are in an environment beyond your control and you may be using unsecured internet connections, exposing sensitive data to cyber criminals.

One way to minimize this risk is to set up a VPN to provide an extra layer of protection between public networks with unsecured connections and corporate systems.

Invest in VoIP systems

VoIP really comes into its own when working remotely. It enables seamless communication between you, your team members and your customers.

VoIP is a flexible, secure technology that enables employees to access their telephone service from different locations and on different devices over the Internet. In addition to the productivity benefits, you save money compared to traditional PBX systems.

Strengthen your security

Cyber ​​security is a top priority for many companies for good reason. Cyber ​​security breaches can seriously damage a company’s finances and reputation, and potentially bring them out of business. Cyber ​​attacks have increased over the past six months as new remote workers and businesses are potentially more vulnerable. Often their policies and systems did not adhere to the new working style, so that loopholes have to be exploited.

It is your priority to identify and fill these gaps. If you don’t have an in-house IT resource, find an IT company with expertise in the field. You can conduct a risk assessment, implement corrections and new guidelines, remotely monitor your systems around the clock, 365 days a week and train your employees.


Remote work is a way of life for many people today. This is likely to continue as companies and employees see the benefits. While there may be new problems with IT systems, careful planning and implementation of new technologies and policies can resolve them.