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Twitch updated its Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy on Wednesday to respond to complaints that the live video game streaming service was not cracking down on abuse on the platform.

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Key factors

The new guideline of Amazon’s own platform divides sexual harassment into its own category and expands the definition of abusive behavior to include “repeated commenting on the perceived attractiveness of a person” if this is undesirable, “lewd or explicit comments on sexuality or physical appearance of a person ”and to send links to unwanted nude pictures or videos.

The directive also prohibits streamers from displaying the Confederate flag, prohibits people from claiming that a victim of a well-documented violent tragedy is a crisis actor or a lie, and makes it clearer that black / brown / yellow / red-faced is prohibited, when not used in an explicitly educational context.

Twitch said it doesn’t want the politics to be criminal, and doesn’t want to punish people for “good-natured or competitive jokes that are accepted in some communities,” and will work to “check for signs of behavior.” is undesirable, including channel time outs, bans, or reports from the target user or a mod team. ”

This new policy will come into effect on January 22nd next year and all content will be evaluated against the old policy in the meantime.

Crucial quote

“While sexual harassment has always been banned on Twitch, we’ve heard from our community that our policies don’t adequately address sexual harassment,” the company said.

Key background

Gaming culture has long faced complaints of sexism and harassment, and Twitch is no exception. Over the summer, a few women came up for sexual abuse and harassment by Twitch streamers, which led to an investigation and permanent suspension of several streamers. One of the biggest streamers to have repercussions was SayNoToRage, who was accused of making undesirable advances against six women. He denies the allegations and says that there was never any harassment or unwanted contact.