U.S. President Donald Trump speaks ahead of a rally on the South Lawn of the White House October 10. … [+] 2020, just a week after he was hospitalized for COVID-19. (Photo by Samuel Corum / Getty Images)

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Why wait for a real doctor to tell you about President Donald Trump’s health when Trump can tell you directly? Late on Sunday morning, Trump tweeted the following:

Twitter Trump Covid-19 Coronavirus Immune

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Presumably, Trump was referring to the Covid-19 coronavirus infection he had in the past week, rather than cat scratch fever or beaver fever. The tweet sounds like positive news for the president. Maybe a little too positive. Or way too positive.

As you can see, Twitter flagged the tweet for violating “Twitter’s rules for disseminating misleading and potentially harmful information regarding Covid-19”. This is the Twitter version of “Oh, no you don’t”. Is it because Trump didn’t use ALL CAPS in his tweet or put an extra comma where he didn’t have to? Not exactly.

First of all, no doctor should ever give “complete and complete confirmation” that you are not getting or giving an infectious disease. Doctors can only do this for very obvious things. For example, your doctor may be able to offer full and complete confirmation that your head has not been replaced with an anvil. Or that you’re not a hedgehog, depending on who you are. Even in such cases, your doctor may be a little more scientific in what they say. Your doctor may say that “nothing in my exam indicates you are a hedgehog” or “your tests do not match hedgehog”.

However, the ability to catch and transmit an infectious disease varies. Sure, in certain situations you are very unlikely to catch and transmit certain infectious diseases. For example, if you received the measles vaccine, you are most likely protected from infection with the measles virus. Infection is still possible, especially if other people around you are not vaccinated and can therefore easily become infected. Nothing is 100% in life except cheese, which does everything well. Likewise, no vaccine can offer 100% protection. However, measles infection is usually unlikely in a vaccinated person.

The Covid-19 coronavirus is completely different. As I covered for Forbes, it’s still not clear whether recovering from severe coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) infection with acute respiratory syndrome will inevitably give you immunity to re-infection and, if so, how long that immunity will last . It could be that certain people develop immunity and others do not. This may very well depend on the severity of the infection and the strength of your immune system and response.

Maybe Trump has the greatest immune system ever. Perhaps he had the most fantastic immune response to Covid-19 ever. Eventually, Trump apparently was considering a Superman stunt as he left the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, where he was hospitalized:

That being said, in response to this news, some on Twitter pointed out that, ironically, Superman was an undocumented foreigner, racial minority, and journalist.

Regardless, even if Trump’s immune response had been the greatest, it may not have resulted in complete immunity to the virus. More studies are needed to determine how immunity may develop and work. Maybe Trump could spend more money on such research?

Also, think about what can happen if the Covid-19 coronavirus mutates. Different versions of the virus may not resemble different Nickelback songs. They can’t all be the same. Immunity to one version of the virus may not necessarily mean immunity to other versions.

Then there is in his tweet the statement “Can’t exist” from Trump. Again, Trump seemed to mean by “it” the Covid-19 coronavirus and not something like serious compliments or an interpretive dance version of the Bridget Jones Diary film. With Trump being just over a Scaramucci (roughly 10 days) from his initial diagnosis, he is close to where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say you might consider isolation for an infected person to cancel with the SARS-CoV2. In particular, the CDC website currently states: “For most people with COVID-19 disease, isolation and precautions can generally be withdrawn without the use of antipyretic drugs for at least 24 hours for at least 24 hours after symptoms1 and resolution of the fever 10 days after symptoms appear, with improvement other symptoms. “

US Vote Health Virus Sean Conley Trump

White House Doctor Sean Conley has made some statements that have left others a little perplexed. … [+] (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

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Interestingly, this phrase is very similar to the phrase used by Sean Conley, DO, the President’s Doctor, in his official statement on the President’s health released on Saturday. The statement received some confused reactions on social media. The following tweet from Dr. For example, Eric Topol, professor, director, and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute included a copy of the letter as well as some questions about the wording of the letter:

The CDC’s 10-Day Isolation Recommendation is not for everyone. Instead, these are general guidelines. Contagion is not like Shark Week on the Discover Channel. There is no generally accepted start and end date. It’s not that you’re pretty contagious one day and virus-free the next day. Instead, the amount of virus you shed is usually highest early, just before symptoms appear, and then decreases the further you get from the first days of symptoms. On average, by day 10 or a scaramucci from the onset of your symptoms, the amount of virus you shed is low enough to be able to emerge from isolation.

Remember, breaking isolation is not the same as being unable to pass the virus on to others. When you end isolation, you no longer have to stay in a completely different room from everyone else, which, incidentally, the President didn’t really do during his isolation either, as the spontaneous motorcade I described for Forbes shows. Don’t assume that after your 10 days of isolation is up, you can quickly get into someone else’s Denzel. You should still keep a distance of at least two meters (Denzel Washington is about two meters tall) from other people and wear a face mask when you have the opportunity to interact with others. You may still have enough viruses to be contagious up close and personal.

In addition, the CDC website adds, “A limited number of people with severe illness can produce replication-competent virus beyond 10 days, which may warrant an extension of the isolation period and precautions for up to 20 days after symptoms appear. Consider consulting with infection control experts. “Some people with Covid-19 could remain contagious as long as two Scaramuccis. It’s not clear how difficult Trump could have been. He received the experimental and investigative treatments along with dexamethasone, suggesting that his Covid-19 was not exactly mild.

Also, as Trump often reminds you, he’s not your average person and unlike most people. He has access to people, resources, treatments and tests that you probably don’t have because no matter how hard you try, no matter how much Spray Tan you use, you are not Donald Trump. Why should Conley or other doctors use general CDC guidelines to determine if and when Trump is no longer contagious? Instead, can’t they just use tests for the Covid-19 coronavirus, e.g. B. for its genetic material (RNA) rather than a CDC schedule for most people that cannot be readily tested? If Trump is really no longer contagious, why not just tell everyone the results of their Covid-19 coronavirus test?

Instead, Conely wrote: “This morning’s Covid-PCR sample shows that according to currently recognized standards, it is no longer viewed as a transmission risk for others.” Imagine if, after looking at your gonorrhea test results, your doctors tell you, “This morning’s gonorrhea test shows that by currently accepted standards you are no longer considered a risk of transmission to others.” Your answer might be, “OK , Doc, does this mean my gonorrhea test was positive or negative? In other words, do I have gonorrhea or not? “Or what if your date tells you,” Last night’s date shows, by currently accepted standards, that you are no longer considered a repulsive person. “You can then ask,” Um, did you like our date or not? “

Conley’s testimony has not yet received the best responses on social media, including from doctors. For example:

Some may say that Trump’s health is nothing more than his personal business. However, this is not really the case in this situation. Trump’s health, and what he and his doctors think about it, are important public health issues. No, not just because he has access to the nuclear codes. The potential problem is that he can easily share information about the Covid-19 coronavirus and possibly the virus itself with others. This is especially true as Trump is again running campaign rallies, interacting with other people, and insisting on personal debates.

If you are wondering what to do about the Covid-19 coronavirus, contact qualified doctors. Do not assume that you are immune to the Covid-19 coronavirus after recovering from the infection. Don’t assume that you can’t pass the virus on to others just because you can break isolation or 10 days or a scaramucci away from initial diagnosis. Don’t expect someone to give you a full and complete sign that you cannot get or give the virus. That would be absolutely certain.