Top line

Twitter has terminated its Corporate Policy Action Committee, according to an FEC announcement Thursday, first reported by Business Insider, although other tech companies continue to support candidates through their own PACs.

This September 5, 2018, file photo of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified in front of the house energy and … [+] Trade Committee in Washington.

AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana, File

Key factors

Twitter still had $ 117,179 in the bank and donated half of that to the NALEO Educational Fund, an impartial, nonprofit that works to promote Latino participation in politics, and the Ross Initiative for Equal Sports, which focuses on the Ending racial discrimination focused in athletics.

Companies themselves cannot donate directly to PACs, but they can create business PACs that are fully employee-funded.

According to FEC records, Twitter Inc. #PAC hasn’t donated a federal candidate since 2018, spending only $ 750 on bank charges.

In the 2018 election cycle, the PAC donated $ 10,700 to federal candidates, according to OpenSecrets, of whom 47% were Democrats and 53% Republicans.

In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson said he closed his PAC because it “is in line with our belief that political influence should be earned, not bought”.

Big number

$ 26,200. This is how much money Twitter’s PAC has donated to federal candidates since it was founded in 2013. All donations went during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles, according to OpenSecrets.

Key background

Other tech companies have more active corporate PACs. For example, Facebook has spent $ 521,520 including operating expenses as of January 2019 to support both parties. Amazon spent $ 1,792,033 over the same period.


Twitter is in the Republican crosshairs ahead of the November elections. GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to summon CEO Jack Dorsey for alleged anti-conservative bias. They plan to question him about Twitter’s muddled response to the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden. Dorsey is due to testify to the Senate Trade Committee next week.