Social Media Networking Concept


The digital transformation is still a marketing buzzword in 2021 for good reason. Survey data shows that a whopping 70% of businesses chose to increase or maintain their spending on digital transformation during the pandemic. Fifty-eight percent of companies that hadn’t yet launched a transformation initiative said Covid-19 had accelerated their plans. However, with marketers rushing to check the box for digital transformation, it is worth asking what digital transformation actually means.

Digital transformation takes place when a company uses digital technology to replace physical or manual processes with digital ones. You know the exercise: Then Netflix will move from mailing DVDs to magically delivering movies over the Internet. Microsoft realizes that they need to work with the cloud-based program or consider themselves dead in the water. Walmart is spending $ 3.3 billion on to bring its e-commerce capabilities into the modern age.

Digital transformation is taking big, bold steps, and companies that hadn’t started this process before the pandemic are feeling the heat. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to get started with digital transformation, whether you are a brick and mortar retailer or an ecommerce brand that relies on legacy technology.

The importance of social media feedback

One of the most important means of feedback in modern times is social media. Globally, more than 3.6 billion people use social media today, and that number is expected to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025. When 4.41 billion people can give you real-time feedback on your transformation, it will lead to faster and better development. And the companies that build the technology? They know that too.

Take 10 pearls for example. 10Pearls is a global provider of digital transformation services with an emphasis on the technology behind those transformations.

“It starts with the customer,” said Imran Aftab, co-founder and CEO of the company. “If we can access customer feedback in real time through social media, we can develop things that better meet consumer needs. Technology gives us the data. Social media offers us unique insights. Together they cannot be stopped. “

While looking for a strategic acquisition to expand their portfolio, 10Pearls was specifically looking for a social media agency. The company has just completed the acquisition of Likeable Media, an agency specializing in social-first digital marketing with 750 employees worldwide.

When I spoke to Carrie Kerpen, Co-Founder and CEO of Likeable Media, about digital transformation, she said, “We spend every waking hour on social media websites, most of the time just listening. We know what it takes to stay agile in the face of competition and market changes. Leveraging these insights and translating them into user-friendly technologies for businesses will ultimately lead to more successful digital transformations. “

Boot up via social media

You don’t have to be a technology company or even a social media agency to digitally transform your company with the help of social media. “You can start by entering keywords that your customers might be using for a Twitter search and just listen,” says Kerpen.

From there, expand your efforts. “You can ask your employees to be your online lawyers, or you can reach out to influential clients and use them as brand ambassadors for you,” suggests Kerpen. “If you’re not ready to redesign your company’s digital infrastructure just yet, reach out to people who are good at sharing and selling content on the Internet. It’s a great place to start. “

Committing to digital transformation can feel like an overwhelming and frightening endeavor. However, there are few initiatives that produce more results than a seamless digital experience. Make sure you are always listening, always knowing exactly what you want to achieve, and always moving forward as you want to expand your digital transformation efforts.