The twitching streamer Jacksepticeye is inspiring a growing generation of live stream fundraisers who … [+] hope to help the charity: Water raises $ 500,000 in a month-long campaign.

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In the past few years, some of the world’s leading Twitch live streamers have helped raise millions of dollars for charity: water – and now the nonprofit is taking steps to empower a growing generation of streaming philanthropists.

On World Water Day – March 22nd – Charity: Water launched a month-long livestream event titled “Water x Stream” with the aim of raising $ 500,000 by Earth Day on April 22nd, an incentive for all streamers to join to participate in the effort – no matter how big or small their contributions are.

The month-long endeavor is an important step on the nonprofit’s first experience of live-stream fundraising on Tiltify in 2019. Their Weekend for Water event had a goal of $ 100,000 – which Jacksepticeye itself surpassed.

“Over the years Charity: Water has been fortunate to have support from some of the biggest names in streaming,” said Anthony Marinos, director of business development for Charity: Water, the streaming community that has helped us reach over 2 million Collect US dollars for clean water. “

This time around, while some of the industry’s leading streamers, including Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, are still showcasing, the nonprofit has provided a range of graphics that all Twitch developers can use themselves and look just as sharp from the start.

“Since realizing the tremendous potential for impact in this area, we’ve taken a hands-on approach and built personal relationships with a wide variety of streamers,” said Marinos. “We listened to feedback from our friends on Twitch, YouTube, and the developers themselves created a toolkit that included lots of discussion points, donation animations, and even screens. Most importantly, we started running our own fundraising drives on Tiltify that allowed us have made it possible to create greater moments of awareness of our mission and bring creators together to achieve a common goal. “

The website makes it clear that streamers of all skill and experience levels are welcome in the movement.

“From bakers to video gamers and everything in between, content creators have helped raise over $ 2 million for clean and safe water,” the website said. “With updated tools and resources, it is now easier than ever to end the water crisis by doing what you love. Stream on! “

The effort also includes a leaderboard that any live streamer who takes part in the fundraiser can work their way up. At the time of writing, @thejesslyfe was the best single streamer – he had raised $ 4,840 off his $ 5,000 goal. The leaderboard also includes the best team efforts and the best weekly fundraisers.

Reaching the $ 500,000 goal would help charity: Water brings clean water to 25,000 people around the world.

“It’s only day 3 and we’ve already seen incredible support from such a diverse group of supporters around the world,” Marinos said on Wednesday. “Creators on multiple continents knit, cook, play and everything in between to provide clean water to those in need.”

Live streaming fundraising on Twitch is a thriving industry in itself. In 2020, Twitch streamers raised more than $ 83 million for charity.