In the past few years we have seen many revolutions in the field of web design. From the boom in ecommerce websites to the rise of chatbots, the website design industry has been constantly changing.

The technical possibilities seem endless in 2020 and we see designers playing extremes, reinventing earlier styles and continuously experimenting with new techniques. There are also some popular styles like the ubiquitous minimalism and empty white rooms that we have seen in a while. There are some popular styles too.

We are fascinated by the development of this industry when we remember how social media giants looked back in the past. To sum up the whole trip is what we would like to do one day, but for today;

Top 5 web design trends in 2020

1. Oversized items

Prominent and large-format elements turn out to be game changers for web designers. This size applies to almost everything on a website, from large, bold typography to full-screen images and videos to oversized menu icons on the website.

Extensive elements like these draw visitors to the site to understand what is happening right outside the door. Not to mention, they look great on any screen size. Reduce the number of design elements on each page to highlight this trend. Note that having too many key functions can be overwhelming and counterproductive at the same time.

2. Dark mode

Dark mode brought the world online, with the latest Android and Apple operating systems, with the latest apps, websites, and other sites like Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Chrome.


Sometimes hands-on beginnings are the most visually amazing trends in web design. Dark themes for OLED screens – saving power and extending the life of the screen – are better, but this utility won’t prevent them. Dark backgrounds improve visibility for real dynamic design with other accent colors.

The popularity of the color scheme lies in its many advantages, from providing a sleek and elegant work environment for users to having a positive impact on the life and energy consumption of the device.

Dark web modes not only look very modern, but also make colors and design elements stand out in the eyes. The so-called night mode, meanwhile, is also beneficial because it reduces the use of bright pixels, which lowers the overall brightness of a display, causing less visibility and easier reading.

3. White spaces

Spaces are the spaces between the elements of the design. It gives a spacious and balanced feel to any page or screen. And while it’s mostly white, the background color can be white. It contains the space between lines or columns of text, around each of the images, or around the margins.

Given that whitespace leaves blank areas, whitespace can be considered inefficient. Whitespace gives us fresh breath. It can improve readability, highlight key design elements like calls-to-action, separate sections, and create a smooth and comfortable overall look.

4. Minimal = classic

Minimalism is one of the classic and timeless trends in website design that remained popular in 2020.

This year, minimalism goes beyond flat spaces and elements. Monochromatic colors, text-based design, and grid layouts are some of the increasingly minimalist industry trends.

The minimalist look is one of the reworked or modified trends inspired by websites from the 90s. Aside from the advanced colors and features, the only difference is that minimal design was the only choice back then.

The best example of sleek minimal web design would be; Google’s parent company alphabet. (I would have given them the Minimal Deb Design Award if I could.)

Example of minimal web design

5. Fluid animation

Almost every website you visit seems to have animation in it. What is really on trend is a liquid-style motion-like animation. Fluid animation can act as a means of transitioning video elements, as a hover to click, or as a general animation for users to enter the design.

It is the speed of movement that does the trick to make this work. It has to be fluid, smooth and contemporary to get the most realistic feel possible. For the additional movement of elements on the screen, the KIKK Festival website uses fluid animation.


Your website should represent your brand virtually and give you an immense online presence. If your website doesn’t have a design that matches your perception, then performance will not be optimal. Nifty Marketing Australia is happy to work with other companies to understand what your website really looks like so we can help you execute the strategy.

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