What a network assessment does for your company

It is fair to assume that most companies believe that their IT network is always capable of blocking cyber attacks. Even if you are a technical assistant, you cannot ignore the need for proactive data security, minimizing downtime, and other benefits that come from having great IT support.

The truth is, there are likely many areas that you are not quite up to date, as much as you may think your IT services are making the right brand. Because of this, it is beneficial for any business to do a full IT assessment from time to time. Even with a carefully crafted set-up, any business can develop blind spots over time, always a worthwhile idea.

Why do you need an IT assessment?

There are several reasons to seek an IT assessment. Here are some of the most pressing ones:

  • Make sure your cybersecurity gets to the point. Every company must be able to trust that its data is secure. Partly because this is so important, your data doesn’t just belong to you. It is also your customers’ data.
  • Identify weak points. It is not uncommon for a company to have weaknesses that it ignored. That is why a dedicated analysis of your network is so important. Once identified, a vulnerability can be resolved and business made more secure.
  • Meeting industry standard requirements. Every company needs to be assessed from time to time. However, this is even more important for some specialist companies, such as healthcare providers and government agencies (and private companies affiliated with the government). To ensure that your company complies with industry standards such as HIPAA and other similar requirements, regular assessment is critical.

What does an IT assessment include?

Every time you evaluate IT functions, your systems are examined both holistically and in detail, and problems relating to functionality and security are searched for. For your business to thrive, your IT systems need to be ready to get things done.

Will your servers handle an unexpected surge in demand? How well are you prepared for a cyber attack? Are your backup systems and practices fit for purpose? These are just a few of the questions an IT assessment will ask and answer. If necessary, suggestions for improvement are also given.

When should you get an IT assessment?

There is seldom, if ever, bad time for an IT assessment, but times when it’s more important include:

  • When your company changes significantly. For example, if you want to extend remote working to a number of employees, the potential for security breaches increases. Knowing how to fill in the gaps is important.
  • When you implement new systems. Any significant upheaval not only increases the likelihood of new security vulnerabilities, but also carries the risk of obscuring existing problems.
  • When you grow your business. Systems and services that work fine with your initial IT support infrastructure may need help as you add more people to the network and place additional stress on it.
  • If you haven’t received a review recently. As you may or may not know, the pace of technological change is such that systems can become out of date in a very short time. Regularly reviewing your network will ensure that you are not surprised by outdated technology.

A network assessment is the perfect way to ensure that your systems are always as current and secure as possible. In business, you can never be too careful about data security and you should never miss the opportunity to improve your functionality.