Open source WordPress plugins are functions that you can edit and distribute without being responsible for any purpose.

WordPress operates under the GNU GPL and indicates that WordPress or derivative works are open source. You can change, edit and distribute.

The founders of the GNU operating system believed in making software available to developers and the freedom to make it better.

To use open source software, the user can do the following:

  1. Run the program
  2. Modify the program’s source code form.
  3. Distribute exact copies and
  4. Change and distribute the version

The above principles also apply to WordPress plugins.

It should also be noted that not every WordPress plugin is open source. Some developers prefer to split the derivative. The CSS code must not be derived from WordPress, where PHP does. Therefore, you can only change the PHP code and not the CSS.

Now that you’ve understood some of the technical aspects of using open source WordPress plugins, let’s go straight to the open source plugins.

Best open source WordPress plugins

WP Fancy Message Box allows you to set up a message box on your blog or templates.

You can use shortcodes [wpfmb][/wpfmb] create beautiful and fancy message boxes.

Also, if you are knowledgeable about CSS, you can easily create your own boxing style with custom messages.

You can reorganize websites with WordPress’ ezRedirect plugin. In addition, you can switch from an older URL structure to a new URL.

To do this, simply go to Administrator Settings and select your current URL and the URL it will be redirected to. You can insert internal links and if you are an affiliate brand you can insert external links as well.

Open source WordPress plugins

Easy Testimonials is an open source WordPress plugin that allows you to add testimonials to your website and posts. You can also add testimonials as a widget to the sidebar.

One thing to note is that WordPress offers this functionality, however, you would have to spend a reasonable amount on it. You can use this plugin for free.

Open source WordPress plugins

When you start a new website there is a great need for frequent postings and content updates. Bulk Creator allows you to add new posts, pages, custom posts, etc. without having to use WordPress admin links. This speeds up the process and makes it hassle-free.

Open source WordPress plugins

If you are a WordPress user and a Bitbucket user then you have good news!

You are now ready to add your Bitbucket project to the WordPress site and present it to your users.
With this plugin you can easily insert the project code or the activity feed from Bitbucket.

Open source WordPress plugins

Add recipes to your blogs with the ultimate recipe plugin from WP.

In addition, you can even create tags for different categories like ingredients, utensils, and many other tags. If you want, you can create custom tags and pin them the way you want.

Lots of freedom from that single plugin, right?

This can also include photos and microdata formatting to aid search engine optimization in Google.

If you have a Pinterest audience, you can use the “pin it” feature on your website. This allows you to pin recipes to your Pinterest page with custom images, metadata, and descriptions.

Open source WordPress plugins

The microblog poster is an amazing plugin that allows you to spread content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The microblog poster plugin allows you to insert RSS feeds that will automatically publish news / content in your WordPress.

The microblog plugin also offers you an additional advantage when shortening link URLs.

Open source WordPress plugins

Easy Image Gallery is one of the best open source WordPress plugins out there. You have the freedom to create an image gallery in your WordPress post or on any website.

You can easily set the image positions and designs using the drag and drop option available in the plugin.

Open source WordPress plugins

If you may have noticed reading a blog post or consuming content on websites, you can share it with your social handles with one click.

This is what the Simple Socnets plugin does. You can add social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to your web content. This increases divisibility and also strengthens your social presence.

Please note that the plugin is active for all of your posts by default. However, you can turn it off wherever you want.

Open source WordPress plugins

The latest avatar comments allow you to add custom comment areas to your WordPress blogs and posts.

You can view the comment or quote up to 50 characters and redesign the entire comment area.

Open source WordPress plugins

If you want to keep your blog aesthetic, you probably already know the plugin.

The AwesomePress plugin is a great way to add creative icon fonts to your blogs and posts.

You can add icons to lists, numbers, or functions, and sidebar menus. This best open source WordPress plugin imports the symbols from an open source symbol directory called Font awesome.

Open source WordPress plugins

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