What is Chrome Push Notification?

The dawn of mobile apps has often become overwhelming. Installing an app on your phone for each service and receiving notifications can be very disruptive. The web push notifications work the same way, but are not linked to the app, but rather linked to the website. With the help of web push notifications, you can address and address your customers with relevant notifications, even if the customer is not on your website. These browser push notifications are supported by all browsers on the desktop as well as on Android phones.

Web notifications for Chrome have been in use since 2015. The requirement is simple: the Chrome browser must be installed and running on the device.

Incorporating web notifications for Chrome is also easy. There are just a few lines of code to integrate into your browser and the Chrome push notifications will work on your website so you can get subscribers. This can be shipped to any device that supports Chrome. When you are not on the site, the notification will appear in the lower right corner of the system without affecting the ongoing work.

How it works

The first step is to get the user’s permission to receive push notifications and ask them to subscribe.

From the Truepush dashboard, the push message is sent to the users through a corresponding browser cloud manager such as GCM, APN, etc. As soon as the cloud manager has checked the message, it is transmitted to the correct browser and the corresponding URL is triggered with the push message. When the browser goes online, the push service delivers the message. This will be recorded by your service representative.


For companies

Quick and easy implementation

As usage has increased, the implementation process has become simple and can be accomplished in a few simple steps using tools that Truepush has developed.

Truepush is an easy to use tool. The only thing that needs to be done is copy and paste javascript into the webpage. Implementation only takes a few minutes. Our customer support is always available to you.

Redirect and reintegrate customers

Customer loyalty and retention are one of the biggest challenges for marketing teams because of the multitude of options. Push notification marketing has been rated as the most efficient way of reaching your customers, which leads to improved customer loyalty. Due to the improved analysis of user behavior, it is more individual and more relevant for customers.

It’s also common for your visitors to get distracted and leave your website. With Chrome push notifications, you can now redirect them back to your website with relevant notifications. These notifications can be formulated based on their previous behavior. The biggest advantage is that these can be delivered even when the website is closed.

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing

Even if your subscribers mainly use your app, user behavior can be tracked and marketing strategies are developed accordingly to target them and instruct them with notifications via the websites. And this has made a huge contribution to the rise of omnichannel marketing.

With Chrome push notifications, you can now connect with customers who would otherwise just browse your website without taking the desired action.

Higher opt-in rates and lower opt-out rates

It has been shown that subscribers are more likely to choose to receive web push notifications rather than email. Also, the rate of disabling app notifications is higher than that of a website. This definitely creates a better way to connect with customers.

The web push notification serves as a non-intrusive and soft reminder that increases the recovery rate by Realign customers.

For end users

Easy to activate and deactivate.

The end user has an advantage here as they can choose which websites they want to receive notifications from. Signing up is a very simple click when you visit the website where you consent to receiving the notifications. It’s just as easy too Turn off receiving Chrome notifications on a desktop or a Mobile device.

Not intrusive

The notifications are transmitted on the desktop in the lower right corner, which does not affect the ongoing work. The user is not interrupted.

Reminder notifications

Many websites, especially ecommerce websites, have given up sending cart notifications to gently remind customers to complete their buying process.

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