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What Makes a Cracked Windshield Worse?

Nov 4

As a car owner, you have to deal with some issues like a damaged windshield. It is common for cars to experience damages over time and one of them is cracked windshields. These kinds of damages can be caused by multiple reasons such as road debris or accidents. Cracked windshields need fixing right away because they affect the structural integrity of your vehicle, not to mention it also affects your visibility while driving.

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How do you know if the crack is big enough? There are a few factors that indicate when cracks need immediate attention:

* Size: you must consider the size of the damage; small ones only require filling but large ones may need replacement. For small cracks, they can be filled in order to avoid water leaks and damage from rocks and insects.

* Location: from your driver's seat, you will be able to tell if the crack is by the edge of the windshield or in a high-traffic area. It needs fixing if it is a distraction to you while driving and not directly at your line of sight. Cracks near the rearview mirror should also be attended because they block your vision during nighttime.

The abovementioned factors are just some of them that affect leaking, visibility, and structural integrity. In addition, cracks that have been exposed for more than 24 hours can damage your vehicle as rust may develop especially when close to rivers, lakes, and oceans.  

According to experts from Mobile Auto Glass, there are a few signs that when a repair is needed:   

* If it spreads after a couple of weeks then you may need replacement

* If the windshield is not holding the seal on multiple spots, you need to have it replaced. This means that there are leaks and water can seep through your car's interior when driving during rain or through puddles.

In some states, cracked windshields are considered as safety hazards and drivers with this type of damage should be aware of these regulations:

However, if you are not sure of how to handle it on your own, make sure to hire a professional. Mobile Auto Glass is the perfect place for windshield repair and replacement. If you have a damaged windshield, don't hesitate to contact us in order to get the best service.

Cracked windshields must be handled right away. If the damage is big enough, it can affect your driving safety and may result to accidents.

Be aware of cracked windshield regulations in your area.

Don't hesitate to contact Mobile Auto Glass if you have questions on how to handle damages on your windshields.   

If you are not sure of how to handle it on your own, make sure to hire a professional.  Mobile Auto Glass is the perfect place for windshield repair and replacement. 

How to fix a windshield crack

How to fix a crack on your windshield glass

Fix a windshield crack in a jiffy. Fix a cracked windshield with toothpaste! A home remedy for fixing cracks on any sort of glass surface, including car windshields and mirrors. Materials: Toothpaste Method: Apply some non-whitening toothpaste to the affected area of the windshield using your finger or a cotton swab. Coat it generously, but try not to let any get on the surrounding glass, as it will be difficult to remove later. Then take an old damp cloth or towel and wipe away the excess paste from around the damage [1]. Grab your microfiber towel and buff off the rest [2]. The plastic contained in most modern taillight/headlight lens cleaners (such as Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Cleaner ) works great for removing leftover toothpaste residue. Consider yourself lucky if your windshield has this type of damage: a crack spreader. These types of cracks are the easiest to fix because you can simply fill them up with glue and let it dry overnight so they won't run or disintegrate when exposed to high heat from the sun.

Another option is to use clear nail polish, which dries fast and will help prevent water from seeping through the crack. If it's just a small chip, you can also try using epoxy resin adhesive, but be sure not to overfill the crack since that could potentially obscure your vision while driving at night. Fixing a windshield crack is fairly easy and doesn't cost a lot of money. Just remember that it's best to assess your damaged windshield as soon as possible.


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