Example of a Twitter label on posts with misinformation about the 2020 election


We all know what happened the last time. In 2020, pressure is on social media companies to tackle election misinformation and President Trump’s attempts to get an early victory using his favorite microphones, Twitter and Facebook.

How the big social media companies handle information, fact-checking, and content moderation over the next 24 hours will have a huge impact on the next four years, and likely many more in America and the rest of the world

Here’s a quick rundown of what each social media platform is doing to protect election integrity from domestic and foreign threats.


  • Facebook has been removing nefarious networks and accounts for months before the elections.
  • The company launched the Election Operations Center last month, which Politico says serves as air traffic control for issues such as voter suppression material and political misinformation. The team, made up of leaders in the threat intelligence, data science, engineering, and law sectors of Facebook, will respond in real time to concerns raised by election officials.


  • Twitter has banned posts with false or misleading voting information. To curb the deluge of misinformation, the platform recently added a prompt to ask users to quote tweet rather than just retweet.
  • A year ago, Twitter banned all political advertising, adopting the strictest political advertising approach from other social media platforms.
  • CEO Jack Dorsey hired more people this year to help with the election, and the company met with government officials on Wednesday last week to develop strategies for potential threats.


  • Google’s sourced election results come from the Associated Press. A Google search will return these reputable statistics.
  • The giant’s Threat Analysis Group and Trust and Safety teams are tracking the search engine and YouTube for suspicious activity.
  • YouTube will continue to remove videos that contain false or misleading statements about polls or that add to authoritative material, including election live streams from major news agencies.


  • TikTok set up an election security center in October to increase transparency about how its policies are applied to potential scenarios. For example, the platform may remove content intended to suppress or intimidate voters or content that incites violence.
  • Misinformation, disinformation and manipulated media are prohibited under TikTok’s Deceptive Content Policy.
  • The company also works with fact-checking partners to quickly remove false or tampered videos.


  • Reddit has the toughest line of all, removing any information that attempts to mislead or misrepresent the election results.
  • The company also has a website dedicated to post-election events. A series of AMAs are planned starting the day after the election, with polling experts answering questions about the vote and what people can expect in the coming days.
  • Certain subreddits, such as B. r / news, have their own rules. For example, r / news can only report election results from a group of reputable news organizations, from the AP to the BBC.


  • Facebook: When the polls are closed, Facebook tags everything that has to do with elections with a link to the platform’s Voting Information Center, which displays real-time results nationwide. An early declaration of victory is marked as follows: “Votes are counted. The winner of the 2020 US presidential election was not predicted. “This language is also shown at the top of Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Twitter: Twitter will flag all early declarations of victory, but has rules in place not to post such content – unless Trump or Biden cite a reputable news source. Twitter said Monday that it will consider election results official if announced by at least two outlets from a list of seven organizations including: CNN, ABC, Associated Press, CBSNews, Fox News, NBC News, and Decision Desk HQ .
  • TikTok: The company will work with fact-checkers to “reduce the discoverability of content that prematurely wins a race before the results are confirmed by the Associated Press.” It will restrict the distribution of content with unverified claims and add a banner pointing viewers to its voting guide.
  • Reddit: The r / news subreddit has asked users to immediately report a post claiming victory for a specific candidate before the official election results are released.

Reddit r / news subreddit 2020 voting rules

Reddit r / news subreddit 2020 voting rules


Will it be enough

So much damage has been done to civil discourse in American society through social media. Nobody can be sure what the future will bring. Meanwhile, Washington DC and other cities are preparing for a storm.