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Why Every Wise Real Estate Agent Joins Multiple Affiliate Programs

Jun 17

A career as a real estate professional can be very lucrative and fulfilling. However, the challenges you will face along the way are unlike most other careers out there. For starters, you will need to learn about laws, marketing, business networking, negotiating with clients, and much more.

Needless to say, a career in real estate is NOT for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, with a lot of discipline, grit, and hard work, you can learn how to deal with these challenges and become a professional real estate superstar.

For most agents just starting out, the first few months can be incredibly rocky and trying. It’s no wonder that most newbie agent don’t make it. See, as a commission-based career, Realtors only get paid when they close a sale.

These days, however, building and nurturing a robust business network is just as important as client-building.

Fortunately, both beginner and veteran brokers can join affiliate marketing programs to supplement their monthly income and develop their networking.

Let’s take a look at what these are and why every real estate agent should join multiple affiliate programs.

What is an affiliate program for realtors?

An affiliate program allows real estate agents to earn a commission by promoting a service or product on their website. By referring traffic to another company’s business and/or product page, that company will pay for each referral made by the agent.

The types of transactions that are completed via affiliate links include buying, selling, and even renting real estate properties. This can also include the act of referring clients to real estate courses or miscellaneous products such as signs, videos, marketing tools, etc. And often, these can be some of the highest rated services already available on the market. As an example, Showcase IDX's affiliate program is a good place to start and they even have a list of other programs you may want to consider.

By promoting these affiliate links on their own real estate website, agents are able to form potentially lucrative relationships with many organizations. These can include real estate schools, listing agencies, tech businesses and other real estate-related organizations.

Things to consider when promoting real estate affiliate programs

Maintaining an active blog is one of the best ways to maximize the potential of the various available real estate affiliate programs available to you. Here are three tips to keep in mind to use affiliate marketing to boost your earnings online.

  1. Know who your target audience is:
    You can’t start blasting random affiliate links and expect to blow out your monthly commission numbers. Having a targeted and segmented list of clients allows you to pick and choose which products or services they are most likely to be interested in.

  2. Take the time to build a good email list:
    Lumping your clients into one email list will risk alienating them from your future communications. Remember, email marketing is a high ROI strategy when done right. Therefore, grow your list and segment them by categories that are relevant to them.

  3. See what’s working for your competitor’s:
    Your competition is obviously something right and you have no no time to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, look at what they are doing that’s producing a positive result, then try those same tactics and one-up them with an improvement or two.

Taking advantage of multiple real estate affiliate programs offers the potential to earn you huge commission rewards. By incorporating a well thought out affiliate marketing strategy you can increase your chances of success exponentially.