Why everyone can benefit from a vacation with Helen Lee Schifter

As society finally sees the light of the coronavirus pandemic at the end of the tunnel, people begin to confirm their vengeance travel plans. People have felt extremely stressed and defeated over the past year, and as hope finally comes to light, it is important for citizens to give themselves and their families a vacation. Whether within the states or abroad, people have lived through difficult times and deserve to take a break from the chaos and enjoy some free time.

Helen Lee Schifter is a huge fan of travel. She currently resides in New York but makes frequent trips to California and Florida to pursue her adventurous spirit. She is a former Wall Street arbitrage trader and a former editor at Hearst and Conde Nast. She graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated from Amherst College. She enjoys learning about health and wellness and advocates mediation and self-care. She believes that relaxation time is necessary for a healthy life balance.

Work can be exhausting. Daily life can cause people to burn out and lose sight of their motivation to work hard continuously. By breaking the routine with a trip, people can recharge their batteries and regroup. Schifter recommends that people take at least one vacation every year. If they have the opportunity to walk more often, the more the better!

Reasons why Helen Lee Schifter Think everyone can benefit from a vacation

  1. It helps improve your mental health

The calming feeling that comes with a vacation helps reduce stress. When you give your brain and body a break from the constant feeling of pressure and anxiety, a person feels rejuvenated.

  1. Improves relationships with others

By having a pleasant trip with loved ones, you strengthen your bond. Being able to relax and focus on each other’s business creates new positive memories and improves satisfaction.

  1. Also helps with physical health

Although most people associate stress and anxiety with mental health, these feelings can also disrupt a person’s physical well-being. Studies have shown that vacationing can lower people’s risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

  1. A vacation can help you earn a raise!

The researchers found the surprising conclusion that employees who use their vacation time appropriately tended to get better results on their year-end performance reviews. This is due to the fact that when workers return to work, they become happier than those who have not taken the time and therefore do not try as much.

  1. Vacation can help you live longer

Europe is a great example of a system where people can take up to 30 vacation days a year. Compared to the US, people in Europe have fewer health problems to contend with. It has also been proven that Europeans are known to live longer, and people believe that this is due to the greater vacation time that is available to them.

Helen Lee Schifter emphasizes that vacations can be a lot more important than people think. Not only is it an enjoyable experience that people look forward to every year, it is also critical to their health and general wellbeing. With the end of the pandemic, Schifter hopes that people will take the opportunity to travel again. Take your time, book a flight, and take time out with your family to have fun. We all definitely need him.