Nextdoor could soon have something more serious than Best of Nextdoor to worry about as Facebook tests a neighborhood feature in Calgary, Alberta.

Social media advisor Matt Navarra shared screenshots on Twitter, and the social network confirmed the test. A spokesperson said: “More than ever, people are using Facebook to participate in their local communities. To make this easier, we’re introducing a limited test of Neighborhoods, a special area within Facebook where people can connect with their neighbors. “

Navarra was briefed by Grigg Digital’s Calgary-based social media strategist Leon Grigg.

TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden shared more details about Neighborhoods, saying it would appear in the main menu of the Facebook flagship application alongside staples like events, friends, groups, marketplaces and pages.

Lunden added that the neighborhood groups – unlike traditional Facebook groups – are generated by Facebook and are not created and operated by administrators. They seem to be set up to open as soon as enough people in the area show interest.

Navarra said once users have chosen their local neighborhood they can give Facebook permission to use their location to display groups, marketplace items, posts and other content from other users in the area.

He added that neighborhood profiles can be created that are separate from the main Facebook profiles and that people can always leave or change neighborhoods and access special privacy options.

Facebook also warns neighborhood users that their activity can be used to show them hyperlocal or more relevant ads, Navarra said.