Workplace From Facebook enterprise platform is partnering with Deloitte global professional services network to explore ways employees can continue to connect, share ideas, and collaborate when Covid-19 keeps them away from the office.

Ernesto Tey, Global Director, Workplace Ecosystem and Partnerships at Facebook, said in a blog post, “Millions of employees may be preparing to go back to work, but others will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. This mixed workforce makes it difficult to get things done while maintaining a team culture. As the world of work has discovered over the past three months, the right technology can fill the gaps Covid-19 creates and teams feel connected even when apart. “

Deloitte will set up a new, dedicated workplace practice within its Future of Work group. The current team of 10 consists of experts in transformation, configuration, technology integration, content, risk and cybersecurity of employee experiences.

This team is helping clients figure out how to use Workplace From Facebook to connect their organization, revamp their tech stacks, collaborate with third parties, and become more remote-friendly.

Deloitte partner Giles Warner said in the blog post: “The alliance between Deloitte and Facebook will provide employees with new opportunities to network and exchange ideas, which increases organizational productivity and team interaction. At a time when many employees work from home at their desks, it is important that companies can provide new platforms so that employees can exchange ideas with their colleagues. The workplace has seen incredible growth and we look forward to working closely with them to bring new opportunities to companies looking to increase their productivity and collaboration. “

Workplace Julien Codorniou, Vice President of Facebook, added, “Companies are now focusing on caring for their employees and customers. As a result, there is an increasing demand for user-friendly mobile-first tools that increase productivity and employee satisfaction and make communication seamless. The workplace has passed the 5 million paid user milestone in less than three years, and in the current environment we are seeing a stronger surge in demand. We are excited to work with Deloitte to meet the growing need for digital transformation and technical tools that make everyone’s work life easier. “