ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 21: Supporters of Donald Trump are holding a “Stop the Steal” protest outside of … [+] Georgia State Capital building on November 21, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia finished hand-counting the ballot papers confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state. (Photo by Megan Varner / Getty Images)

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Despite evidence to the contrary, President Donald J. Trump continued to claim that the 2020 elections were fraudulent. Now it seems that some opponents of the President might believe this claim. Last week, a move on #WriteInTrump for the Georgia Senate runoff election in January made its rounds on social media.

Peach State Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will run a runoff against Democratic opponents on Jan. 5 after no candidate received multiple votes in November.

Over the past few weeks, President Trump’s attorney Lin Woods has suggested that Perdue and Loeffler deserve no support for not getting behind the president’s “election fraud”. Since then, increased efforts have been made to use those words against the Republican candidates.

Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona), editor of The Daily Beast and founder of The Contemptor, shared Wood’s word in a tweet: “This is Lin Wood telling Georgia Republicans to NOT go to Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue next month be right.

‘You don’t deserve your vote. Don’t give it to them. Why should you go back and for God’s sake vote on another rigged election? Fix it! You have to fix it! ‘”

Others sent the message using the hashtag #WriteInTrump. This included American actor Daniel Newman (@DanielNewman), who has suggested dozens of times that conservatives should write on Trump’s behalf rather than actually casting a vote for Republican senators. He tweeted: “All my REPUBLICANS !! We have 2 options to save #America !! 1. STAND WITH TRUMP & #WriteInTrump NAME for the GEORGIA SENATE #RUNOFFS !!

3. Or #Boycott #Runoff elections all together to stand United! Biden cheated! #MAGA #NobodyLikesKelly “

Other myths and misinformation also spread. Among these, @Eleven_Bee offered the misleading statement: “If you write on Trump’s name, it counts towards his presidential election. Help Georgia turn around for Trump. WRITE TO TRUMP! Show that you SUPPORT!”

While much of this might be suggested to be humorous, others seem to believe that such efforts could affect the January election result and determine which party has control of the U.S. Senate. The aptly named @WeaponziedVoter wrote, “I’m thinking of taking a page out of Putin’s playbook: opening an account just to spread disinformation and seriously encouraging these idiots to write on Trump’s behalf. I want to reinforce the #WriteInTrump Campaign.”

User @wphamilton was one of those users on Twitter who seemed to support the president, and he tweeted, “Senator Donald Trump. Sounds good, 2u? He’d fix Georgia quickly and then the people’s enemy. That turncoat Sec of State and the enemy are faking news media. Write in Trump for both of them. He would get double the votes that way and be a shoe-in #WriteInTrump #MAGA. “

Of course, it’s easy to say that the same user didn’t mean business when he wrote, “I want my vote to count in the GA Senate elections. I know the Republicans are going to cheat, so here’s my plan.” :

• Request a ballot from

• Photocopy my vote for my own records

• Hand delivery (NO USPS)

• Track the status: ”

It is a serious irony in the fact that someone can post that they believe the other side is “cheating” and then essentially do something that could affect some voters in dubious and dishonest ways!

Doubtful-looking memes also suggest that a truly conservative movement is behind this push, which is also making the rounds. This included tweets from ReallyAmerican (@ ReallyAmerican1), a website that actively supports the Democratic nominees, and offered slogans such as “You didn’t fight for Trump. Don’t fight them” and “Georgia Republicans didn’t fight” for Trump. “

It’s hard not to see this for what it is, a disingenuous way of convincing voters not to support Republicans. Some users on social media have seen the hypocrisy of such efforts. @hootdada pondered, “Ok, I’m not saying don’t and I’m sure I’ll get beaten up for it, but how exactly is that different from the @GOP tactic of suppressing minority votes?”

Another user, @paigerpenland, suggested, “This mess is going to backfire and make them vote. Stop it. Either you’re a fool, a grifter, or work for the GOP. I’m in GA, know lots and lots of MAGAs and have a very bad feeling about it. If you’re just a fool, bless you, but stop. “

On the flip side, some have shown that the Republican candidates have shown that Republican candidates haven’t really disappointed Trump. Among them was Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz), CEO of XStratgies and advisor to conservative politicians. He wrote: “Senator @KLoeffler has a voting record of one hundred percent with

@realDonaldTrump, anyone who questions their support for President Trump or the MAGA movement should take a quick look at their voting results. “